3 Types of Quilt Covers for Every Bedroom


Quilts, contrary to popular beliefs, are there for more than just warming you up on a chilly day. The right one can elevate the entire aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. One can get their hands on a variety of quality quilt cover sets online, which not only acts as a shield of protection for your quilt but also add a ton of personality to the bed. So, here are some of our favourites for different bedrooms, moods, and people.

  1. Solids for the win

If one wants to achieve a minimal and clean look for their bedroom, then there is nothing that works better than a quilt cover in a solid colour. Neutrals colours, like white, grey, pale blue, are a great option for a very classic and chic look. These colours work with most bedroom colour palettes, which make them super versatile. Neutral colours are the best way to bring balance in a bedroom which has really bright and bold walls.

However, if anyone thinks that there are no options for the bold hearted in the solid coloured section, then they are going to be pleasantly surprised when they browse through the collections of quilt covers available online. Something like a unique charcoal black cover makes quite a statement in the bedroom if styled well.

Since solids do not have much going on in them to distract the eye, it is essential to invest in a cover which is constructed out of fabric, which is top notch like 100% Egyptian cotton or linen or a luxurious blend of cotton and satin. A poor fabric in such a style is a tell-tale sign of inferior quality.

  1. Flower Power

If someone wants a touch of warm summer even when they are getting chilled to the bone, then floral prints are a great option to look for in quilt cover sets online. There is absolutely nothing that screams summer louder than pretty floral prints. They are a great way to add a fun and feminine element to a bedroom which might otherwise look a bit too plain.

Floral prints also bring a very appealing vintage look to the room. If one wants to play subtle, then smaller prints in paler colours are a good option. They are also a great option for a smaller bedroom. Bold, bright floral prints, however, are the perfect way to lift the look of a bedroom in a jiffy.

  1. Art Attack

For those who have a penchant for artsy pieces, quilt covers with hand painted designs on them or watercolour digital prints are an ideal choice. The stunning covers can be used very beautifully almost like a piece of art in the bedroom. Only this art can be wrapped up to snooze comfortably. Keeping the bed linen simple and neutral is the best way to bring out the beauty of the cover. A very cohesive look can also be created by matching the bed linen to just one or two colours that have been used in the prints of the cover.

Online stores carry one of the best quilt covers which are offered at really tempting prices without compromising on the quality. So, one must check it out thoroughly.

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