5 Best Face Washes for Men with Oily, Dry, Normal Skin to try Now

With global warming becoming a rising threat, pollution is now a part and parcel of our life, especially if we are living in a big city. And along with the pollution comes a lot of other things in life.

You may have noticed that, more often than not, you leave home for work, you look fresh and at your best. However, by the time you come back home in the evening, you look the dullest part of you. The pollution outdoor, along with the extra oily skin on your face, make your skin fatigued and unpresentable.

However, even if you have dry skin, you may not be immune to the harmful effects of pollutions. And for people with normal skin time, it is indispensable for you to maintain it well enough. Cleaning with any random face wash isn’t enough.

So here are some of best face wash suggestions that you should consider depending on your skin type.

Face wash for oily skin

Apparently, the number of people with oily skin is the highest. So, apart from the minor “wash-your-face-twice-daily” type, there are some other things you can do you curb your skin’s natural instincts.

Charcoal Face wash with Ylang Ylang and Argan: Charcoal is one of the best things known to human that can suck out dirt, impurities and oil out of the skin with so much ease. Along with that, Ylang Ylang and Argan are best known to moisturise your skin even after the extensive results from charcoal.

Charcoal Cleansing Gel with Black Pepper and Bergamot: It is best known for the presence of Bergamot and activated charcoal that can do wonders for your oily skin.

Garnier Men Oil Control: Garnier men oil control is one of the most popular products and make for a very good skin care regime. It deep cleans your face and removes all the excess oil and dirt formulation.

Face wash for dry skin

Having a dry skin is not a blessing. The pollution will get your skin to look dirty, if not prone to grime. This may cause you to wash your face more than the suggested number of times.

Nivea Purifying Face Wash: This Nivea face wash works best on dry skin as it has all the necessary ingredients that would provide necessary moisture to your skin.

Face wash for normal skin

Normal skin type does not need any special-cause face wash that oily or dry skin needs. However,  it is important to maintain it well so that it stays the same way. You should not choose a face wash that would make your skin too oily or too dry.

Even if you choose to use a face wash that makes your skin super dry, have a moisturiser that can compensate for the over dryness. Because if you are blessed with a normal skin, you should take all the steps to maintain it.

Himalaya Neem Face Wash: Himalaya neem face wash is a very old and trusted product when it comes to cleansing your face twice a day. Hence, it can clean your face without making it dry as it provides all the necessary goodness.

Face washes are the core

For any skincare or cleaning regime, face washes are the base products. They are the ones people resort to right at first. And very rightly so, you can use a face wash every day, twice a day too. It would take you the same amount of time as washing with a face.

However, going for some advanced processes like peel-off masks or scrubs would require time and are best to be done once or twice in a week. So whatever your skin type may be, choosing a good face wash is a boon.

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