5 Ways For Choosing The Right Safety Barriers

Workplace injuries are a major concern with most industries but remain atop headache in industries like manufacturing, transport, warehouses, etc. Often, you do implement measures like protective equipment, yellow striped lines on the floor, ergonomically designed workstations, etc.

However, most skip on installing quality safety barriers like the Verge Safety Barriers at strategic locations. Installing them can prevent a notable number of workplace accidents and make it a safer environment. Let’s walk through some crucial ways to help you select the right.

Location and appropriate layout

A comprehensive safety can only be achieved if you know where you need to install the safety barrier and how it should be laid out. For instance, barriers placed indoors differ from those placed outside which need to withstand weather abuse. Likewise, barrier meant for pedestrian traffic would differ for those which would have forklifts crossing back and forth. Like the place, the layout and design should be such that traffic flows seamlessly through it, be it people, vehicle or just about anything. Barriers are meant to increase your safety but never cause any obstruction.


A very important consideration is durability. The barriers placed outside must be sturdy enough to withstand all weather abuse while interior ones might need extra gates or locks for a seamless flow of traffic. Again, barriers allowing people traffic can be lightweight but those allowing heavy machines like forklifts need to be sturdy enough to withstand any accidental collision. Their material of construction, thickness, etc. are key parameters deciding its durability.

Go for eye-catching barriers

Barriers should be something that immediately catches your eye. They need to be imposing and rigid so that all traffic coming across it is immediately aware of it and are immediately vigilant. This would help avert several potential dangers. An invisible barrier becomes a risk by itself as it may take anyone by surprise. Painting them in eye-catching colours like yellow, red, etc.  is an excellent idea. Moreover, you need to check that its design is not compromising the functionality for which the barrier is being purchased.

Check out ease of use and flexibility

Ease of use and flexibility are factors that would make your life easy. They must be easy to install, use and maintain. In case you need to move them across locations for the varied purpose; dismantling and installing them back must not pose a herculean task. An accident-prone area might do well with solid safety barriers while soft safety barriers can be installed where the job might be equivalent to a flimsy fence.

Price-protection balance is achieved

Budget is an important consideration everywhere. Safety barriers are no exception. While choosing it; you must verify its value for money. A tight budget need not mean settling for a barrier offering flimsy protection. Likewise, an expensive safety barrier need not guarantee comprehensive safety. The protection needs to be satisfactory and above in all budget ranges.

Safety is of paramount importance in all commercial and residential environments. The task is made effortless with safety barriers. It can lower accidents to a significant degree. Choosing it right, is the key to remaining stress-free.

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