6 Steps To Growing Your Startup The Right Way

When stepping up to launch a business it can be very terrifying as the risk are huge and there is no surety of success and the only thing you can rely on is on your hard work and efforts.

Having a successful and established business is no joke, one has to understand the amount of work and efforts one has to give in to make it successful, but maintaining the success can just as scary as launching one. Here are some tips that will help to grow up your start up

1.   Stay true to the core purpose

Never lose your focus, never take your eyes off of what got you there in first place while stepping up the ladder of success. Stay true to yourself and do make sure the same about other. Your decision that you make during your initial business days should reflect the growth and the humble beginning of your company.

2.   Develop a new mission

We know that you will stick to your core goals but you have to make clear cut plans and goals about your future. Try to chart your goals and assign them a timeline, so you know that you have to achieve them in specific time frame. The goals that you set for yourself can be monthly, quarterly or yearly.. give your employees a specific milestone to achieve in stipulated time, by doing this we are able to grow in a great way.  When creating goals for your company and employee make sure that those goals are achievable so that you can accordingly create activities and take measured initiatives.

3.   Be very picky with new opportunities

With the growth of your company many new exciting opportunities will be at your doorstep but belive me most of them will be worthless. You can always venture to new business but you must never lose the focus on maintaining and creating new customers. Create new opportunities and offers to woo your customers. If you are in e commerce business coupons and cash back are the most effective way to lure customers . for instance Flipkart deals and myntra cashbacks are one the most searched and known deals out there on the internet.

You have to keep in mind that no customers no business, spending time and precious energy that doesn’t matter with your business or your customers should be avoided.

4.   Focus on cash in the door

With the increase in your business start investing your hard earned money in sales and marketing strategy that will pay off in time, think of it as a future investment. Make partners and investment that will yield returns in years to come, not just one in a while good deals for the sake of temporary profits.

5.   Get everyone behind your vision

The backbone of any business is the staffs, shareholders, customers, and partners, try to organize the meeting with your employees and customers and ask them to share their problems or success story or what they feel needs to be improved. Because people love to play for the winning side so they will be more than happy to be part of your company and help you more in your business success.

6.  Hire, train (and fire) to your vision

Your employees are the backbone of your company and those employees will either make your company a successful one or ruin it bit by bit or for forever.  When hiring employee to hire them on the basis of their pros and personality train your employees with proper training and give them the necessary motivation they need. Kepp a keen eye for people who are keen and motivated by your company purpose and the most important factor that they love their job and excel at what they work for. You should not be any emotional in terms of firing employee who are violating your companies policy and values. As harsh it might look and sound but it for your own good and it will benefit in long run.


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