6 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has grown dramatically over what is really very short space of time, to the point where investing in the digital marketing that you do is one of the biggest and most valuable decisions you will make for your business. In this fast-changing world where everyone seems to favor the digital approach, it is vital to make sure that your marketing strategies include a digital element. Failing to put a robust digital marketing strategy in place could harm your business prospects.

Here are some of the more common mistakes that you might be making:

1. Not Creating Valuable Content

Do not underestimate the power of your content, it’s what search engine is looking for, and if you just don’t have it, then you will not be easy to find. But you also need to make sure that your content is valuable. It needs to add something to your website to draw the potential customers in, so do not just add content for the sake of it. Be creative and make sure your titles really draw people in.

2. Not Separating Out Your Email List

When it comes to your email marketing it’s important to remember that not everyone on your email list will be interested in the same products. Taking the time to separate your email list out into groups is time well spent. This will allow you to send an email to just one group or even a couple while making sure you do not bombard other groups with emails that will be of no interest to them at all – because this is more likely to find them hitting the unsubscribe button.

3. Getting SEO Wrong

SEO is a valuable tool that helps you reach your target audience, improving your visibility in search engine result pages. This is important whether you are a new business with little to no web presence or a more established company wanting to make your products more visible. If you don’t invest time and effort into your SEO, then you are likely to be overshadowed in the search engine results by your competitors, and it will be them that your potential customers turn to first.

It is equally important not to use the wrong SEO tactics as well; keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks could make your website appear spammy, and search engines hate that.

4. Not Studying Your Competitors

Competitor analysis is important it allows you to look at the recent market trends and look at how the companies you compete with are promoting both new and existing products. It’s a great way to see how they are reaching their target audience and find out if there are some marketing tricks you are missing out on.

5. Not Setting Marketing Goals

It’s a common mistake that many companies make with their digital marketing, but not having tangible marketing goals can really let you down. Having these goals set gives you something to measure your progress against. You can evaluate these goals periodically and assess how well you are doing, changing them if needed.

6. Not Using Your Social Media Sites

There is nothing more off-putting about a company than visiting their social media pages only to find that they have gone dormant, especially if they were once a thriving hub of information and posts. A neglected page looks worse than if there is no page.

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