6 Web Design Tips To Grow An E-commerce Business

Many people who convert a site to WordPress do so to begin an online commercial venture. WooCommerce, the plugin which helps add an online store to a website is one of the most downloaded solutions. Such users must know how to grow an e-commerce business or else they will not survive the intense competition. Everyone from established traditional businesses to new entrepreneurs is looking to build a virtual marketplace. In order to rise above others in such a crowded field, it is essential to optimize the interface for sales. The following web design suggestions will help e-commerce operators boost their sales and grow their business rapidly.

1. Include Navigation Menu On All Pages

People must be able to reach different sections of a store easily. Virtual stores house a large collection of products across various categories. The best way to ensure that visitors access all departments effortlessly is by including the navigation menu on all pages. The menu can be placed right on top of the screen where it will be visible continuously. Many interfaces place the navigation map in the sidebar also. Website owners can also hide the menu so that it does not limit the viewing area on small devices. Users can click or tap to open it when they want to move to another section.

2. Integrate A Buy Now Button On Product Pages

Most online stores display an “add to cart” button along with the items on their product pages. They must insert a “buy now” tab in addition to the add to cart button. This can have a positive impact on the conversion rate of the outlet. Many people add products to their carts but later change their minds and abandon their shopping basket. A tab which encourages them to make an instant purchase will take them directly to the checkout page. This will minimize the chances of cart abandonment.

3. Eliminate Visual Distractions From Product Pages

The main objective of a virtual outlet is to motivate visitors to make a purchase. In order to grow an e-commerce business, it is essential to keep the users’ attention focused on the products. It must be ensured that there are no visual distractions on the pages. Many stores use pop-ups and other devices to encourage people to subscribe to their newsletters or read their blog. This can distract a viewer from making a purchase. Make sure that such information is displayed only on relevant pages like contact us or about us. All additional data on product pages must be only about the item or relevant offers.

4. Place High-quality Product Images And Videos

People like to view a product on their devices before they make a buying decision. In case they are not able to see the items clearly, they are unlikely to place an order. Make sure that high-quality images are placed alongside all the products on the store. Hire a professional to click high-resolution pictures from all angles. Provide the facility to zoom in so that users can take a closer look at the images. It will also be helpful to include videos of the items. Insert clips showing how an item can be used. This kind of demonstration will give a better idea to prospective customers.

5. Include A Search Feature On The Website

Many people visit an interface to buy a specific item. These visitors will not like to waste time navigating through categories and sub-categories. Include a search box on the website for such users where they can type in the name of the product. The feature will help them locate the desired item quickly and they will not navigate to another interface. This will improve the overall user experience of the outlet.

6. Make Sure To Include Filtering Options

One of the best ways to improve user experience is by providing filtering options. This will allow people to refine their searches according to price, color, size, brand, and other metrics. Visitors will love the convenience of finding exactly what they were looking for. This will help not only in boosting sales but also in ensuring that visitors come back again in the future.


The above-mentioned design tips will be helpful in optimizing a virtual outlet for more sales. There is stiff competition in the domain and operators must take every step to ensure product availability and good user experience on their interfaces. Only then can they hope to grow an e-commerce business successfully.

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