7 Important Things Home Sellers Often Forget to Do

Home Sellers

The decision of selling your home is a tough one. However, once you decide, the first step we all do is look for an agent. Then, we get the AC fixed, repaint the walls, change the window panels and so on. While completing these tasks, you might overlook some crucial things.

Below are few aspects you need to consider while selling your house.

  1. Mention Improvements and Upgrades:

If you have had a major improvement or renovation done, it’s best that you mention it in the advertising. This will help them take an informed decision when buying the house. Ensure you let the buyer know if you had your kitchen redone or upgraded your upholstery.

  1. Check your Agent’s References:

Take extra steps to find a good agent; a wrong agent or incompetence on his part can cause you to lose a buyer. Check your real estate agent’s references and ask around for any good recommendations. Check their website for any negative references and ask a few people who have dealt with them.

Some of the questions you should ask people who have previously used agents services are:
– If they have confidence in their agent
– If they have a good sense of the market
– If the communication from them was good

– Verify whether the agent negotiated the prices well

  1. Attention to Detail

If you have a huge and well-furnished house but there are unresolved power issues, buyers may view the house negatively. Pay attention to detail, and ensure the repairs are taken care of before you start showing the house. If your home is well maintained, the buyer will be confident about the purchase. This also means that they don’t have to spend more on getting the place furnished before they move in. Make a good first impression.

  1. List it Online:

Most sellers often fail to leverage the opportunity provided by social media and other digital platforms. Potential buyers frequently search for homes online. Ensure you include a video of the house or pictures that may further interest them. List it on popular websites and share it on social media. Use as many avenues as you can to attract the right buyer for your home. Most buyers look up a property online before they physically visit the place. This is because they want to be reassured of what they’re looking for.

  1. Clarify What’s not Included:

Your buyer might be impressed by the parking space. However, when they realise that they have to share them with a neighbour, they may retract the offer. Specifically, mention the things that aren’t included. If you are taking your flat-screen TV or custom-made couch with you, ensure the buyers know.

  1. Check the State of the Market:

The houses in your locality were selling at a premium couple of years back. However, the market changes and so do the prices. Check the selling price of houses in your neighbourhood and accordingly price your home on the market. It is advisable to know beforehand how much your property is worth. 

  1. Keep the Place Clean and Tidy:

Clean the insides of ovens, cabinets, and drawers. Storage is important for buyers and they will poke around the small spaces as well. Ensure you have deep cleaned the place before showing it to potential buyers. You can hire a cleaning service for a day to ensure that the house is shiny and tidy.

Bottom line

Often sellers tend to forget the smaller things and are overwhelmed by the bigger repairs. However, when it comes to buying a house, everything is important. Smaller things can build a bigger picture of a well-kept home. Buyers are very cautious about investing in a pre-owned property. Thus, ensure you have taken the necessary measures to make your home look presentable.

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