8 Surprise Gifts For Friend Who Lives In Abroad

Friendship is indeed the best gift god has ever given to any human being. Imagine you are too sad for a day and all of a sudden you get a friend too perk you up. On the other hand if you are too much happy it’s again your friend with whom you get the greatest happiness. From big prank to little secret two friends is always a partner in crime. But she is now at abroad and you miss her so much. Therefore your thought to surprise her with gifts. And here goes down the list below.

Orchids bouquet – Your best friend has been married to a USA guy so now she has settled there. Hardly you get a chance to meet her. But you can surprise her anytime so you picked orchids bouquet. So you got a purple and turquoise blue orchids together. It will simply keep her mouth shut especially when she will get this gift all the way from India.

Chocolates forever – You were all school buddies but now all have scattered due to work. So for your friend who is in Australia working in a big multinational company always misses you a lot. So for your dearest friend you planned to surprise him with a basket of chocolates. It has different types from five stars to Bournville. No doubt he will enjoy this and will miss your pranks.

Woolen sweater – No one knows her better than you. But last year she tied the knot with one of your friends and had settled in Japan. So this year on her birthday you thought to surprise her with a woollen sweater.It is a cashmere designer woollen sweater. You chose light pink as she looks glowing in this colour.

Stylish earphone – A friend who is now in Italy was with you in school and college. Now he has drifted away due to work. So you thought to give him a surprise gift by sending him a black classic earphone. It has ideal length and the inbuilt high definition microphone delivers crystal clear quality of sound.

Outstanding watch – Friends are watchful of each other. In fact whatever the situation is friends love to know about each other. As he is in USA due to job so you thought to send a surprise gift like a cream colored gents watch from the brand Flames. Indeed it will give a great shock to your friend when the gift will unexpectedly knock his door.

Portable charger –Life is moving fast so does your friend in London hardly gets time to visit friends in India. So all the friends from India decided to surprise him on his birthday with an efficient and fast portable charger. It is made from aluminium alloy which gives a robust appeal backed by lithium battery which makes it work for longer duration. Apart from that it has dual usb ports as well making it highly functional charger on the go.

Lucky Laughing Buddha – As a well-wisher you always dream that your dearest friend will get the best from his life. In fact you were the first person who was very happy to know that he got the job in the best company. Thus to wish him prosperity and good destiny you thought to surprise him with a laughing buddha. Indeed it will give a sense of great contentment the moment he unveils the gift.

Photo in a crystal – Suddenly you got one photo of your school days where you all four were present. So this year on one of your friend’s birthday you thought to surprise him with this photo in a frame. Fortunately you got a crystal made heart shaped two-dimensional photo frame where you used this school photo.

Thus these are some friend gifts that you can send abroad.

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