Artificial Intelligence: Making the world a better and safer place!

Artificial Intelligence: Making the world a better and safer place!

Artificial intelligence means creating machine that are intelligent enough to perform many works that humans do. In short it is a field in computer science in which machines are made to operate in a way that they can speak, learn, plan and do other activities which humans do. People do not often understand the general goals and applications of artificial learning. Following are the main goals artificial intelligence focusses on:-

  • Creating well developed machines

The systems which care developed with artificial intelligence should have the ability to display good learning qualities and demonstrate and provide the user with best outcomes.

  • Implement Intelligence in the system

The system being developed should have own skills and can think better as compared to other machines, if not a brain of its own but it should be able to do all the work by itself, even if some unexpected situation occurs it should be able to handle it like a human would do.

Artificial intelligence has a lot of application in almost all the fields these days, some of which are mentioned below:-

  • Handwriting Recognition or signature recognition

There are many things which can be done by a man’s signature only. One can take all the money from ones account if he/she can copy the signature. Initially and even these days there are many banks which uses manual ways to recognize signatures. But in large banks these days, artificial intelligence companies have provided with such machines that can recognize the writing of a person. You just need to give in the two signatures to the machine and it would take minutes to tell you whether the signature is a match or someone is trying to copy the signature.

  • Speech recognition

Recognizing the person’s voice is not an easy task but humans can do it really very well. We can easily distinguish between the two voices. We can easily identify whose voice is it without even looking at the person. The same abilities have been provided to the machines through artificial intelligence. These machines could easily recognize if the voice is a match or not. Some of the mobile phones these days come with this technique. The phone would initially ask you to record your voice and then if the next time you try to unlock it with your voice it will unlock the phone whereas if anyone else tries the same, it won’t unlock.

  • Gaming

Artificial intelligence has really changed the world of gaming. Games such as chess have to have artificial intelligence so that they can think of all the further steps the player can play. It has to think of all the consequences of the step it is making. Not only chess there are many games in the market these days which use very high level of artificial intelligence. No one can say no to the advancement that ai companies have provided in all the automated sectors.

There are many other applications of artificial intelligence such as vision system, Intelligent Robotics, Natural Language Processing etc.

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