Auli-Best Destination To Enjoy Your Holiday Vacation


Be it vacation or honeymoon trip, choosing the best destination is highly important, right? If you are the one who is gazing for the dazzling place to spend your valuable time of vacation, then Auli tourism is the wonderful option. Auli is the ideal destination and is situated in the state of Uttarakhand. Actually, Auli is the superlative place for adventures, trekking, and camping plus much more. The destination has a green environment and so the tourists visit Auli every year without fail. The best time to visit Auli is the winter season and so you can enjoy more than why you have expected. The best things to do in Auli are a hilly mountain range, ski slopes. Ski resorts and much more. On the whole, Auli is one of the topmost tourist destinations in Uttarakhand where you can get unique and cherished moments in the rest of your lifetime. This destination is completely surrounded by white caped snow covered mountains!

About Auli:

Auli is highly renowned for its natural and stunning panoramas. And also, the white-snow bounded by huge things like coniferous forests, oak slopes, deodar trees plus much more. It is actually situated at an altitude of about 2800m from the ground level. Once you have reached the top of the hilly mountains, then you can get a clear panoramic view of Himalayan peaks to the core. Of course, there are so many winter destinations are available in India but Auli offers you great adventure activities and has become a paradise for the skiers. Right from morning 8’o clock to 4’o clock in the evening, the skiers enjoy daring activities here. As a whole, Auli is the ideal place where you can enjoy to the core. Most of the adventure activities in Auli are full of thrill and sure it will increase your heart beats.

Famous activities to do in Auli:

  • Skiing

Well, Auli is the place for those who love to enjoy skiing. No matter whether you are a new or an experienced skier, but skiing in this place will fascinate you to enjoy your whole day. And sure, you will cherish this moment in the rest of your life.

  • Trekking

Not only skiing attracts the tourists but also you can enjoy trekking since there are so many trekking trails are available. The popular trekking places are Gorson- Tali, Khulara – Tapovan plus much more.

  • Cable Car Rides

Want to experience the full view of snow peaks? If so, then cable car rides in Auli is the best choice. Through this ride, the tourist can enjoy the beauty of places like Nanda Devi, Chhang Bhang and much more. It is nearly about the 4km ride. This is the best adventure to perform along with your friends, families, and spouse.

  • Shopping

You can enjoy the shopping experience at a distance of 15km away from the Auli. In this busy market place, you are gifted to purchase so many things like blankets, shawls, apparels, bags, cosmetics, gift items plus much more. So, get ready to enjoy the daring activities in Auli!

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