BBC View: Islamic Women And The Sports

A small woman in a long dark shroud undauntedly hindered our way as we endeavored to get into the field for the primary match of the Islamic Women’s Games indoor football occasion: Britain versus Iraq. Gabbing into a James Bond mike cut onto her headscarf, she requested to know whether we had cameras. No – we opened our sacks, purged our pockets.

On observing that we had no expectation of breaking the strict no-photography administer, an inviting grin changed the substance of the impossible security watch, and she introduced through. No men are permitted inside the sports fields at this occasion, which implies that Muslim ladies can remove their Islamic covering  the Hijab Performance Wear  and contend in shorts and shirt. The restriction on ladies showing up out in the open without their hijab is so strict in Iran that photographs are not permitted on the off chance that a man sees them.


Inside, it was anything but difficult to overlook that we were in an Islamic Republic. Ladies hurried about hectically in shrewd suits or preparing pack  headscarves and jackets throw away. The British and Iraqi groups were at that point warming up on the pitch. In the press corner we were joined by just a single other columnist  a to a great degree rich Iranian woman with oval-formed glasses, announcing for a ladies’ magazine. Without revealing a graceless energy for the subject, she approached me for the down and out on the British group.


I disclosed to her what I knew  that the British, dissimilar to the opposition’s different groups, were not the national group. They rehearsed just once every week in a sports focus in Watford with a sign stuck over the entryway expressing “Ladies Only”. Yet, there was no doubt they were eager for triumph. A decoration, they felt, would vindicate their endeavors to give openings in game to Muslim ladies in Britain. The columnist gestured enigmatically before vanishing behind a book entitled Secrets of Life Every Woman Should Know.

Frayed tempers

Play commenced after a petition. It was obvious from the principal minute – when Iraq scored – that Britain were outmaneuvered. The great individual abilities which I knew our young ladies had appeared to vanish under strain. As the objective shortfall mounted, the British chief surrendered to a lower leg damage, tempers frayed and the middle forward was sent off. Looking for light help, we moved to the gallery, where we saw the Iranian group had touched base in arrangement for their match. We hit up a discussion with one of the players – how about we call her Shirin  who lost no time in advising us that she longed for playing for Liverpool.


The receiver was promptly grabbed by her colleague who shouted “Arms stockpile!”, trailed by another yelling “Chelsea!”, and another “Manchester United!” The Iranian squad were a genuine national group. Upheld by the administration, they prepared seriously to the point of fixation. Their mentor is Brazilian  their abilities, wellness and joint effort completely amazing. Different groups in the competition attempted to give them a match by any means. “Why are the British group so feeble?” asked Shirin, merciful however uncomprehending. “Weapons store, Manchester United don’t they have ladies’ groups?”


I endeavored to clarify that the young ladies speaking to Britain were there in light of the fact that they were Muslim  that this competition was exceptional to them, as it was the special case where conditions enabled them to expel their Hijab Performance Wear with a specific end goal to play. Shirin shrugged. She doesn’t wear hijab by decision like the British young ladies do. “I’m prepared to play anybody from any religion,” she said. “I’d jump at the chance to have great rivalry.” This distinction in state of mind is a subject which the coordinators of the Islamic Countries’ Women’s Games need to confront.

Genuine Rivalry

Iran smoothed everybody in their way at this occasion and were left unsatisfied. They plainly need to contend at a more elevated amount however are averted by the national approach and maybe at times individual convictions, requiring Islamic conditions. England battled ideal from the earliest starting point however at any rate had the chance to taste the experience of genuine rivalry  something they had not figured out how to mastermind at home. The coordinators would love the opposition to end up an Islamic contrasting option to the Olympic Games  national groups from everywhere throughout the world social event to contend under these exceptional conditions.


Yet, in the event that non Muslim groups begin participating, in what capacity will the football frantic Muslim young ladies from nations where they are in a minority  like Britain  ever build up their donning abilities? Also, shouldn’t something be said about those Iranian sportswomen who essentially couldn’t care less about the Hijab Performance Wear? One thing is without a doubt: It’s hard to envision the cream of non-Muslim game contending here. No male supporters, coaches or physios and, most importantly, no photography to satisfy the patrons and create open intrigue. Life is absolutely not made simple for columnists, who remained away by the thousand from this occasion. We came back to the forlorn press corner in the nick of time to state farewell to our Iranian associate.

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