BIOS: Versions and Updates

Do you ever like if someone says you scruffy? Absolutely not, I guess. In our modern society, we love to be smart and updated so that we can communicate to new people effortlessly. In order to maintain our smartness, we often buy and use new things or operates upgraded gadgets. As an example, if all of your friends are using Android mobiles and you still have an old model java set, you must feel unsound a bit. Actually, you don’t want to be a step behind the civilization. Similarly, our gadgets also need to be maintained and updated always. Since themotherboard is a mysterious and multi-functional component in any device, it requires some special notice in terms of upgrading. You can always feel better when your system is efficient and easy to access. Hence, themotherboard has some notable features that fancy your system and BIOS is the newly added one of them.

What is BIOS?

In case I answer this question by telling that BIOS is BasicInput/Output system, will you be satisfied? You may not. So, I should elaborate my statement on it. You must have experienced the booting process of a computer when the hardware is re-launched on your PC. That is when this firmware operates. Normally, the manufacturing companies install this firmware previously on the baseboard of a PC, and when you switch the PC on, it runs first among all the softwares. In recent times, you’ll find the BIOS testing the hardware components of your computer and helping to boot the OS. But it initially offered a layer that abstracts hardware for the I/O components. Where is it stored? Nowadays, the developers store it on the flash memory for its smooth update. It also must be noted that if a PC is not suitable for booting, it will stop and prevent damage to the system.

Versions and Updates

Like all other technicalities, BIOS also has its versions. Very few of us knows the BIOS version of their PC. In fact, it isn’t that aspect which is compulsory to comprehend always. But you may keep it in mind to check the updates. There are some simple processes that would lead you to go through the versions:

  • By System Reboot.
  • By Update Tool
  • By Command Prompt
  • By System Information
  • By MSINF032

After knowing the version of your system BIOS, you need to update it. Hence, you should copy it to a CD that can boot before the proceedings. Let’s check out the two processes:

  • Flashing
  • DOS USB Drive

If you want to check all the details of the procedures, you must visit Layerpoint.

Final Words

The unique firmware, BIOS is indeed a blessing for the modern computer facilities. We need to care of it and randomly check for the updates to have the newest versions. I’m sure that it’ll make our system operation adequate.

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