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Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund NAV

Ever since Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund began its asset management journey, it gained traction among the investors wanting to solidify their financial position amid the uncertainties of life. Established in 1994, the fund house has gone from strength to strength by offering a wide range of equity, debt and hybrid schemes to serve different classes of investors.

While choosing a scheme, one often glance at its net asset value (NAV) performance, don’t they? So if you are in search of the same, you can find out Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund NAV in this article. The NAV will differ daily based on the trading of the schemes. Let’s get started by exploring NAV and other details of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.

Birla Sun Life Equity Mutual Funds – NAV, Returns & Other Data

An eye on raking in a big sum over the long term? If so, then invest your money in equity mutual funds of the asset management company (AMC) to serve the purpose. These funds invest predominantly in equity and equity-related instruments to lift the growth of the invested sum.

Top-performing Birla Sun Life Equity Schemes

There are many equity schemes that you can subscribe to. Just to make it easier for you, a list of top-performers in the category is prepared below.

Birla Sun Life Banking and Financial Services Fund

With an investment primarily in equity and equity-related securities of banks and other financial institutions, the fund ensures the investors’ capital grow with time. Following such asset allocation, the fund has handed out a return of 28.51% to the investors since launched in 2013. The investors can’t stop pumping in here as they have received a 1-year, 2-year and 3-year return of 39.04%, 29.98% and 18.88%, respectively. The NAV trades at ₹27.14 with the asset under management (AUM) currently sitting at ₹1,495.44 Cr.

BSL Tax Relief’96 Fund – (ELSS U/S 80C of IT Act)

With about 80% of the assets getting dispersed across the equities, one can expect to rake in a big sum over the long term. And not only the fund helps grows the capital but also saves taxes for the investors who are simply raving about the fund. On the return front, it’s doing very well by pocketing the investors with 25.82% return since 1996, the year when it came into existence. The recent performance will only make this fund too tempting to resist. Particularly, in the last year, it has driven the return wheels rapidly by 36.49%. Even the 2-year and 3-year returns of 19.63% and 15.02% talk volumes about the strength of the fund. As far as NAV is concerned, it’s standing at ₹30.51. The AUM has gone up to ₹4,266.07 Cr.

Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund

Aiming 100% equity allocation, the fund looks to diversify the investments across several industries or sectors as its chosen benchmark index. Since making a debut in 2002, the fund has greeted investors with a return of 22.09% over a period of 15 years. The last one and two-year performance can be called good with returns of 24.30% and 16.11%, respectively. While its NAV stands at ₹211.16, the AUM has nudged up to ₹19,798.89 Cr.

How About Investing in Birla Sun Life Debt Funds?

Investing here will provide a stable flow of income, something which the risk-averse investors would want to achieve. So if you can’t afford high risks, it’s better to make investments in the debt funds which keep the money in debt and money-market instruments to generate regular income.

Top-performing Birla Sun Life Debt Mutual Funds at a Glance

Birla Sun Life Income Plus

The fund follows a diversified investment approach to help generate regular income for the investors, which have gained a return of 9.61% since 1995. The 2-year and 3-year returns of 8.76% and 7.69%, respectively, helps the fund to add to its list of growing subscribers. The NAV, as of now, is ₹76.23. On the other hand, the AUM sits at ₹2,556.87 Cr.

Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund

The scheme seeks returns by investing mainly in a portfolio of corporate debt securities with varied maturities. Since launched in 2015, the fund has helped investors rake in 9.35% return. The last one year and two-year returns of 7.36% and 9.42%, respectively, only indicate the strength of the fund. The NAV and AUM of the fund are ₹12.68 and ₹4,291.37 Cr, respectively.

Note – The NAV and AUM of the schemes are applicable till December 6, 2017.

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Statement

Investing and not being aware of what’s happening with your money can leave you surprised if things go off the track. Yes, you read that right! It’s the statement that you need to glance at. The statement shows a summary of NAV, investment cost and its accumulated value, among others. Having an idea of the same can update as to where your investment is going.

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