CSGO accounts and the reason they are required

CSGO accounts

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the sixth instalment of the Counter Strike franchise. It is a first-person multiplayer shooting (FPS) video game. It has different missions which include Death match, War Games, Training, Hostage Rescue, Casual and Bomb Defusal. Players have to eliminate other team’s players while carrying out a mission. The teams are separated into two parts; Terrorists and Counter-terrorists.

Most players are having issues with the game. The issue list has rankings sitting at the top. The ranking issue of CSGO makes players purchase CSGO accounts. It might look like an illegitimate thing to do, but people are opting to buy CSGO hacks more and more. Pros suggest people purchase CSGO accounts instead of going for the hacks. The reason is, using hacks and cheats can ban players from the game.

The ranking system of CS: GO is strictly based on the hours played and the points consumed/ battles won. This makes it hard to jump up a rank quickly. Winning rounds give XP which fills up the ranking meter. Filling the ranking meter is considerably tough as CS: GO wants the play to win matches in a continuation.

The ranking system of CS: GO

Ranking System of CS: GO includes the beginner rank of Silver (S) which raises to the intermediate Gold (GN) and keeps upgrading till the expert rank ‘The Global Elite (GE).’ Winning rounds is the only way to reach to the topmost rank. And even if the player reaches a high rank, it is still not secure. Losing a match will result in a drop in rank which is a hard blow.

This issue makes people go towards CSGO ranked accounts. The first step is to get CSGO accounts and then learning about tricks to maintain that rank. Below is a list of tips which can help players maintain their ranks.

  1. Set the right mouse sensitivity for a full flow control.
  2. Prefer playing on map1 and map2 because of their high visibility and easy textures.
  3. Configure the default resolutions as well as the game settings for a proper gaming experience.
  4. Learn the Sidestep and/or Strafe shooting.
  5. Organize controls according to preference.
  6. Go for headshots as they do more damage than any other body shot.
  7. Learn how to pre-fire and burst fire so that you can get kills easily.
  8. Do not shoot while running. It affects the accuracy in a negative way and reload while hiding.
  9. Learn all the controls in training mode.
  10. Play a huge number of death matches as they can improve your skills as well as provide you experience.
  11. Play as a team.
  12. Be aware of the location of enemies as well as teammates.

These tips can help players calibrate better. But the first step is to get CSGO accounts from an authorized store. The internet is full of various online shops which can offer services to buy CSGO smurf accounts. These online shops offer different payment methods along with different ranked accounts to ensure a seamless gaming experience for the players.

Do not forget that the ranking system of CS: GO can be a little biased for the beginners sometimes. Hence, a ranked account can help a lot.

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