Did you Know These Unusual Ways to Decor your Home Using Backsplash Glass?

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Backsplash glass is available in the market in different colors and patterns. Depending on eh kind of glass that is used for a backsplash, they can be used for both interior and exterior décor. Homes that have backsplash glass on walls look elegant and eye-catching. Sometimes, backsplash glass may be sued to hide old walls instead of using paint which is more permanent. The idea of using backsplash for modern homes is to achieve class and uniqueness in every way. Whether plain or decorated with abstract light or LED lighting, backsplash glass has become popular for interior décor. Homeowners are normally spoilt for choice due to the confusion of the type of backsplash glass they should add in their homes for enhanced interior décor. Ideally, it is important to ensure the color of the backsplash glass installed in a home is colorful and bright. Bending the glass with the home themes can be easy when done by a professional. However, they can be installed as a DIY project which is more affordable and interesting. Creating realistic designs from visualization can help a homeowner in decorating their homes and office in minutes. This article describes some of the unique ways to use backsplash glass for interior and exterior for modern homes in 2019. 

Using backsplash glass to hide old walls as an alternative to painting

Painting old walls can be expensive and demanding for homeowners when they are trying to upgrade the look of their homes’ interior decor. Painting is also harmful and would take a lot of time to dry. When a wall is painted, the scent of paint may also be harmful to the people around them. Therefore, using backsplash glass as an alternative to paint is an ideal method of upgrading the interior look of a home or office. Having old walls can be embarrassing when you have a visitor in your home. Wondering about the type of décor to use to hide them should not worry you anymore. You can invest in backsplash glass which will be the best alternative to painting.

Highlighting a gallery wall using backsplash glass

Highlighting walls using colored glass can be a great way to upgrade the interior décor of your home. Gallery walls contain portraits of family members, attractive art among other items. Installing a backsplash glass that is attractive n a wall and hanging the gallery items can go a long way to making your home colorful and attractive. When selecting a backsplash t highlight a gallery wall, it would also be best if led lighting or bright overhead light is added. If Led light is to be used, it should not be too bright such that the wall looks overdone. The brightness level should be mild but colorful.

Decorating kitchen table top with backsplash glass

Working in a kitchen that is well decorated can be comforting and interesting at the same time. There are many decorative techniques that can be used for the kitchen table top which is suitable for modern homes. Usually, backsplash glass with floral art can be installed on the wall adjacent to the kitchen table top. Floral art can be that of fruits or different foods. This is all dependent on the thematic look the owner needs to achieve eventually. Also, a bright color should be selected for the backsplash to make the kitchen look bright and clean.

Backsplash glass for a home bar

Not all homes have a home bar even though it is a classy addition to a modern home. Usually, the home bar is used for the storage of beverages for the comfort of visitors and residents. Keeping the home bar looking clean and classy can be done using a backsplash glass. Instead of using tiles on the walls of the bar, the backsplash can be great decorative accessories. In most cases, LED backlights are added to the backsplash to give the bar an attractive look.

Entryway backsplash decorations


How does your doorway at home look like? Is it eye-catching and stylish? Well if not, you can consider using backsplash glass on exterior of your doorway. A backsplash that is brightly colored can be eye-catching to anybody entering your home. The entry porch is normally neglected in terms of decoration. Homeowners assume that it is best to decorate the interior sections of a home and leave the doorways plain. The walls of the entryway can be more amazing if a backsplash glass is perfectly installed. Also, abstract art can be added to the backsplash to add more uniqueness to it. Understanding the benefits of tempered glass backsplash can aid you in making the right decision on the type of glass to use for exteriors.

Ultimately, there are many other ways you can use backsplash glass to decorate your modern home to ensure it is more attractive and modernized. These are just some of the most common decoration techniques that you can use

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