Digital Marketing Glossary – The Terms You Need To Know

We live in an online world where first impressions are everything; especially in business where it can be challenging to stand out in an already crowded competitive market place. Digital Marketing is the best way to get your business content seen across online channels but in order to know what the professionals at a digital marketing agency Cheshire are advising you to do, it can be handy to be aware of the tech terms they are mentioning.  So whether you are a business owner, marketing professional or merely interested in being tech savvy, this is Zool’s digital marketing glossary.

Anchor Text

The text a user clicks within the content on your website that acts as a link to a different location on the web


The common term used for an “application” on your mobile device or computer


This acronym is short for web log. A blog is a page on your website where you can post updates; story or diary style providing a personable touch to clients


The person who writes the blog


Any online material, e.g. pictures, text, videos etc that you post on your website


Conversion rate optimisation measures how many people visiting your website actually turn into customers via making a purchase etc


An online discussion board where people hold conversations in the form of posted messages


This is the smart way search engines display the search results closest to your location and therefore most relevant to you


A tag which is used on social networks such as Twitter to allow users to more easily find your message relating to a specific theme


Commonly misunderstood as meaning how many times someone has visited your site, a hit actually means how many times someone has downloaded a file from your site.


The standard code that the all web pages are written in! This code is all a WebCrawler sees when it crawls your website (see WebCrawler!)


Text that is highlighted and takes you to a particular destination when you click on it


An instant message such as those seen on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger


A term that will be searched for by a user to find something – it is essential to have your website associated with these keywords, so you are found via search engine results!

Landing Page

The specific page of a website that a person “lands” on after clicking on a search engine result or PPC ad

Link Bait

Creating great content on your website so that it will be shared by others via social media etc without you asking for links. Usually includes posts such as data, guides and very newsworthy pieces

Organic Listings

Search engine results that have been listed naturally and not paid for.



Software “framework” that runs your website content etc

Page Rank

This is the algorithm which is used by Google to help them to rank web pages in their search results by counting the number and quality of links to a page


Pay per click. Paid results that lead users to your website or online content through ads placed on the search engine results pages


Return on investment – a financial measure of profitability through which you will determine the benefit you received as a business through investment in a specific marketing campaign.

Search Engine

A tool that enables a user to search for info on the world-wide-web – the most famous one being Google.


Search engine optimisation. The process we use to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic, to increase the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.


A robot, bot or spider! The way a search engine indexes all available web pages and scores them to indicate their level of popularity

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