Do you know what it takes to be an admin assistant?

admin assistant jobs

An administrative assistant is an integral part of any organization and is the one responsible for taking care of clerical work and administrative tasks. Individuals taking up admin assistant jobs want to make their mark in the workplace and work very hard to climb up the career ladder. However, those who are satisfied with their jobs can work in a stable and secure environment.  While jobs for admin assistant require the same level of qualification as administrative roles do, but admin professionals can specialize in a specific type of administration. The most popular areas of specialization are:

  • Financial Administration
  • Office clerk
  • Bill and Account Collection
  • Public Administration
  • Legal Administration

If we talk about the benefits of working in the capacity of admin assistant, these points come in mind:

  • There is no stiffness in the nature of work and a certain amount of flexibility is evident.
  • There are ample growth opportunities in this profession.
  • The nature of work is such that a professional doesn’t feel stagnant or bogged down by the monotonous routine.

Likewise, the challenges associated with the admin assistant jobs are:

  • More often than not, admin professionals find it as if they are stuck in a rut of carrying out similar tasks each day.
  • Keeping up with the latest admin assistant job trends is essential for anyone who is planning to build a career in admin.
  • Sometimes, people working in the same space can unveil their prejudiced behavior, which is not at all acceptable though.

Now, the question is how much effort does it take to preparing for admin assistant jobs interview? Will, with that being asked, there is nothing better than getting prepared for an interview. Often the most difficult questions are the least prepared ones, so let’s give you a rundown on the most relevant questions:

Why do you choose this profession?

Rather than pouring your heart out on what you expect from this job, acknowledge your role with reference to your contribution towards the betterment of the organization.

Some usual answers

I have always fancied taking apart in a collaborative work environment where there is no difficulty in putting my ideas across, within a team. I believe that my skill-sets make me the right candidate for admin assistant jobs.  

Since I have just started out, I am exploring better opportunities that allow me to gain an in-depth understanding of the business world.  I strongly believe your firm can help me grow as a professional and I certainly look forward to working in the core team and helping you in achieving your objectives.

Adroit Responses

I have extensive work experience as an Administrative Assistant. I enjoy pushing myself to the hilt when it comes to performing my duties. My experience and inclination towards the job make it easier for me to perform to the fullest.

My experience as an admin assistant was so enriching that I find no difficulty in following the daily repetitions of the job. Now, I feel that working under pressure has become my biggest strength.

What skills are required to become an admin assistant?

  • If you are planning to take up admin assistant jobs in Singapore, remember that time management is an extremely important skill that comes in handy.
  • Your ability to operate different types of software and troubleshoot IT problems is also taken into account.
  • How good as a problem solver you are? If you can devise creative solutions for humongous problems, this place is right for you.
  • You must also demonstrate a sense of prioritization in your work.

Conclusion – The role of admin expert is full of responsibilities.  You simply cannot qualify for the jobs for admin assistant unless you showcase your potential and talent in the right direction. If you want to land a job in this profession, you should always prepare for the interview beforehand and take additional supplementary courses to increase your odds of getting selected in this industry.

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