Enjoy playing CSGO the Right Way with Gold Nova Accounts!

CSGO the Right Way with Gold Nova Accounts

The ranked matchmaking system has existed in CSGO as part of the new game released back in 2012. It was the first time this had been introduced in a CS game, and none of the previous games had it in the series. The ranking system involved of a bracket and ‘Elo’ points. All players who opted to play ranked and calibrate, were placed into different rank brackets, as per their gameplay and skills. Then, based on how much Elo points they won or lost during the course of their ranked gameplay, players either ranked up or down the rank ladder. Each player tried their best to win in ranked matches, save for a few who used the opportunity to troll others and derank on purpose to have a bit of harmless fun. Pretty soon, people were buying CSGO accounts of ranks they would much prefer playing at, and what soon began as an alternative, became a staple for players to take the opportunity and maintain a substitute account, just because they could.

This obviously led to a new form of gaming experience for CSGO players, with many enjoying it, and some being opposed to the idea of CSGO accounts being traded and sold. Valve implemented certain restrictions and limitations so that accounts can’t be exchanged so easily. The most recent being CSGO was announced as a ‘Free to Play’ game for the gaming community, so as to cancel out any opportunity traders had. One such rank which became quite popular amongst gamers to buy accounts, was the Gold Nova rank. Choosing to buy Gold Nova accounts became arguably the best option to go with in account buying.

Here’s how buying Gold Nova Accounts have become the Norm today:

  • Gold Nova, according to some, is the perfect rank for any player to have on them, if they want to smurf, get boosted or boost someone else. Because of being a low – average rank on the rank ladder, it is possible to enter Silver ranked matches, Gold Nova, Master Guardian and DMG ranked games using a Gold Nova account. This allows players to smurf for other players they would either like to learn with, or help boost them to a higher rank if they are of a lower or similar rank. Since it is a different account, you will be able to play ranked without fear of deranking.
  • People opting to buy Gold Nova accounts also get the chance to play at a rank that’s supposed to have the lowest amount of cheaters in the entire rank ladder. This is because Gold Nova is a fairly low rank, and cheaters generally tend to cheat to win and rank up to a higher rank. That’s why the populace one would find in Gold Nova rank is generally less likely to have any amount of cheaters, and if present, they will just be trolling which won’t really lead to a frustrating gaming experience.
  • Out of all the CSGO accounts and ranks that players could buy, Gold Nova also allows players, especially of higher ranks, to have a casual ranked experience. For instance, a player having a main rank of LEM can play at Gold Nova ranks to loosen up and just unwind. They can try out new weapons, weird strategies and play in the most absurd ways, just in order to have a little fun.

Therefore, based on reasons such as these, one can see how the whole trend of buying Gold Nova CSGO Accounts has certainly improved gamer’s CSGO ranked experience. Players have certainly started to enjoy playing ranked with GN accounts and that’s why it can be seen as a norm today.

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