Ethics Of Placing A Voicemail

There are some basic etiquettes that need to be followed which doing any kind of work. Similarly for placing a voicemail in a business setting, following are some general etiquettes:

  1. Always identify yourself at the beginning
  • When talking professionally, always begin with “Hello/ Good morning, XYZ department, ABC speaking”
  • From a cell phone, either simply say hello or state your name, “ABC”. Don’t answer by using words such as “yeah” or ‘yes”
  • Whenever calling, always state your name first followed by the name of the person you are calling. Example – “Hello, my name is ABC from XYZ department, I intend to speak to DEF”
  1. Be sensitive, keep you tone soft and interpretable
  • Don’t sound over anxious, aggressive or pushy. It is important your tone conveys authority and confidence
  1. Think through exactly what you plan to say before you place a voicemail

It’s good to jot down important points that you want to convey before calling and speak while seeing them so that you do not forget to say any point

  1. No interruptions while placing a voicemail

Do not carry on side conversations with people around you, this not only leaves a bad communication impression on the other person but also renders you of getting any good opportunity and misinterprets your message

  1. Especially while leaving messages, speak clearly and slowly

Avoid using broken phrases or slang idioms rather talk straight and direct. Remember to repeat any important information again like your account number or phone number

  1. Be direct and leave short messages

It is very important for a voicemail to be precise. This saves the time of a listener and leaves a good impression about you. This also may strengthen your business deals or open the doors of excellent new opportunities.

Visual Voicemail

It provides a visual interface with a sequential display of messages in the background that can simultaneously be interpreted. In 2010, Google Voice became the most used application at a large platform. It can assume control of the visual voicemail functionality. It has also been integrated with many latest smartphones and various application softwares

Modern day voicemail systems use digital storage and are typically stored on computer data storage. These can easily be installed on latest smartphones and features in a voicemailing app are updated frequently. Within no time, they connect us to our family members, friends and relatives.

Besides being helpful in a business setting and allowing professional easiness in work, it has made personal life all the more easier and comfortable. The feature of voicemailing is being collaborated with recent application softwares also.

It has minimized plagiarism as the real time information is provided which is maximum time authentic and of great use. The verbal communication skills of a person can also be easily judged and thus decisions can be made. This system has given a new platform to the advancement in IT field.

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