Exotic and Interesting Animals That Fascinate Tourists in Philadelphia with Family

Exotic and Interesting Animals That Fascinate Tourists in Philadelphia with Family

There is a huge zoo in Philadelphia, where you can see more than 1300 animals. But outside the zoo, there are some surprising animals that you wouldnot normally expect to see in Philadelphia. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Coyote – You would expect to see this animal in the deserts, but this species has been steadily expanding their preserve. Since they can survive on other animal flesh (including rodents, cats, and dogs), and also can find garden produce in and around Philadelphia.
  • Atlantic Sturgeon – This species of fish has been found in the Delaware River for ages, and even their physiology has remained constant over the years. They weigh more than 3000 pounds each and are characterized by a series of bones on their backs and both sides. These fish are habitual travelers and usually cruise right up to Florida and thence to Canada.
  • Peregrine Falcon – The US has its bald eagle, but the city of Philadelphia is known for these masters of speed. These Falcons can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour when they are swooping down in a dive on unsuspecting prey. These handsome avian species had reached very low numbers by the end of the 20th century but are now back in respectable numbers due to some diligent efforts by conservation specialists.
  • Turkey – This bird finds its way to our plates during Thanksgiving, but that is not the kind of presence we are talking about in this article. You can spot them at Bartram’s Garden or the Heinz Wildlife Refuge, but it is equally possible that you could spot the turkey on some of the side roads of Philadelphia.
  • Snakehead – This is a fish with a face/head that resembles a snake. Hence it is referred to as the Northern Snakehead. But unlike snakes, the teeth of these fish are set in fearsome rows, and they can almost be called amphibian in nature, with the ability to also survive outside of water for extended periods of time. They are pretty tasty to eat, in spite of their scary looks.
  • Flying Squirrel –This squirrel’s physiology is somewhat different from the regular squirrels. They have strips of skin that join their front and back legs on both sides, which allows them to ‘fly’ from tree to tree. These ‘flights’ are usually at night, so they might not be so easy to spot. But if you are looking for some fast movements, then you can visit Harrah’s Philadelphia Racetrack to watch some soul-stirring struggles by the horses there.
  • Fritillary – The great spangled fritillary is an attractive butterfly found in Philadelphia, in the company of other butterfly species like swallowtails or skippers. They could be spotted in any of the front gardens or backyards of the houses in Philadelphia.

This is just an indicative list we put together of different animals, birds, and fishes that we compiled, but Philadelphia does have many other species as well.

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