Five Amazing Facts about Physics

Amazing Facts about Physics

The contribution of Physics is greatly exceptional. It has revealed many mysteries of the universe and its factors have been notably tremendous. Several discoveries made by the Physicists over the years have helped in a better understanding of both macro and microorganisms. Here is a list of some of the amazing facts about physics.

Anti-Gravity Movement

Water can easily move up in narrow pipes against the gravitational pull. This process is mainly defined as capillary action. The ability of the water to move up in the narrow spaces against the gravitation force and without any assistance proves that gravitational force cannot control every particle of matter present on the earth.

Thermal Conductivity

The heat transferthermal conductivity of copper is 385.0 (W/m K)*. It is the only cost-effective loop field (ground coil) today. In fact, plastic is the next closest material that is used in geothermal loop fields. Its thermal conductivity is four hundred times less compared to copper.

Air Current

Near the surface of the ocean, the speed of the wind is much lower than in the higher altitudes. The reason can be associated with friction. Hence, birds usually fly at higher altitude. To use the least amount of energy during flying they wield the wind power.

Viscous fluids can flow at high speeds

There is a belief that viscous fluids cannot flow fast enough like liquid – water with reduced viscous level. If constantly sheared over a period of time even fluids like ketchup can attain high speeds once they attain momentum as stated by some scientists. Once thrust is obtained the viscous forces decreases substantially and free movement is attained.


The most common type of refraction is witnessed in refraction of light. The concept of refraction plays a vital role in invention and development of lenses and refracting telescope. Refraction is usually spotted when a wave passes a medium with an angle other than ‘0’ degree.

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