Ghana eats more Pizza than any African Country

Pizza which is a savory dish originated from Italy which consist of a round, flattened base of wheat dough, topped with cheese, tomatoes, seafood, bacon and other vegetables. It is normally eating as dinner but often you see people eating pizza for breakfast or lunch.

I love eating pizza and so I always look for it whenever I travel. With my experiences travelling to different parts of Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin. In Ghana and Nigeria where I was able to meet people from different parts of Africa.

Driving down the streets of Accra, you can’t drive for more than 10 minutes without seeing a pizza shop or a pizza hut, at worst you will see a mall or a billboard advertising the nearest place you can get a pizza.

I have never walked into a pizza shop, whether it’s in ShopRite or East Legon or OSU (Oxford Street), without meeting a long queue which I had to join because I too want to eat pizza.

Ghanaians generally have the attitude of eating outside, mostly in the evening. Whenever I go out in the evening, I see most of the restaurants, malls etc. filled up with people even on weekdays not to talk of during weekends.

Accra is a unique city that accommodates people from all over the world. With such amount of foreigners added to the number of citizens, you can understand why people eat pizza.

You can walk into the mall or walk down the streets of east legon, legon or OSU without seeing people walking down while holding a box or two of pizza. Pizza is the next best food option in Ghana.

And the best thing about it is that most of the international brands that produce the best pizza in the world have their branch in Accra. Generally in the food industry in Ghana thrives excellently.

Pizza in East legon is one of my best spots because east legon is a residential area where virtually almost 70% of people living there are above the middle-class, so I like to go there and chill because I live just close by in West Legon.

In Accra you can easily order for a pizza through an online portal and it will be delivered to you within a few minutes depending on your location. is another online portal you can use to order for a box of pizza.

Travelling through all these African countries and relating with friends from other African countries, I can comfortably say no African country eats more pizza like Ghana. Nigeria can only compete because of its large population.

But in Accra, 5 out of every 10 youth in Accra eats pizza. And when you talk about youths in campuses most especially legon, about 70% of all students eat pizza. If you also add the number of foreigners and expatriates in Accra, the number is enormous.

Every now and then you see an international pizza brand opening a new branch in Accra and there are so many local pizza shops you can find around like the Papa’s Pizza.

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