How good are Titan watches compared to other Global brands?

Time is inevitable and so are the changes with it. Time changes and keeps behind some memories for everyone. To make the memories remarkable, one needs to manage the time well. When one thinks about managing time, watches are the only thing that comes to our mind. Top watch brands have a dexterous team available which brings in quality to the market. Branded watches are bringing in various vivid and fascinating designs. In the modern days, a wrist watches brand not only manufacture a watch to keep a track of time but also to embark the personality of the person carrying it.

A men watch brand concentrates on the taste and preference of men while manufacturing a watch for men. The branded watches for men are very trendy and stylish. Traditional and classic designs are mostly for the branded gents watches.

Women watch brand list include some prominent names in the business of manufacturing the watches. Branded watches for women are manufactured by these brands Fastrack Watches, Olvin, Maxima, Titan, and Timex etc. Branded watches for women with price tag can be found online through various online shopping websites. Branded watches for women in India are very pretty, delicate and trendy.

Indian Watch industry is estimated to be around 1600 crores and Titan is riding on top of it with a market share of over 50%.

This is a super brand that has changed the way we look at ( or wear) watches. A marketing success story, Titan is a brand that will be of interest to most of the marketers.

Titan , a brand from TATA was launched in 1987. During that time Indian watch market was dominated by HMT . At that time watches were seldom stylish and was catering to the basic need of knowing the time. Titan changed all that. With its stylish watches and smart advertising ,Titan took the market by storm. Titan Watches infect changed the way watches was manufactured and marketed in India.

HMT , a public sector company seldom bothered to respond.

Titan faced lot of problems later when the competition began to eat up the lower end of the market. Besides that, there was another problem. The brand was lacking innovation. To be more precise, the customers were bored by Titan.There was nothing new. Gifting proposition was no longer working.

During this period, Titan made a big mistake. It wanted to play the volume game. For that Titan launched another brand Sonata. Titan was perceived to be a premium brand but with Sonata ( at that time ” Sonata from Titan”) endorsed by Titan took away the premium image from the mother brand. It was a big costly mistake.

Titan has carefully created a market for itself through careful segmentation and branding strategies. It is a brand that showed the world that Indians are good in Branding.

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