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Yoga is undoubtedly the most relaxing way to transcend to spirituality and tranquility of mind and body, heart and soul. Online apps, videos and websites showing you the perfect yoga postures are great and all, but when you are dealing with some physical difficulty or you are mentally disturbed, you need someone to guide you through. That ‘someone’ is a yoga guru or a yoga teacher who will not only interact with you as a friend but help you ease up your mental and physical complications through certain exercises. If you feel that you have this quality to help out people, then there is a great opportunity at Just.Jobs where you will find multiple opening for yoga teacher jobs.

Eligibility Criteria for Yoga Guru Jobs

Besides, behavioral traits, a yoga guru should have proper certified education and training or any of the (or all) courses of diploma, Bachelors degree and B.Ed in Yoga after completing the high school i.e. 12th Standard. According to different institutions, the eligibility criteria depend.

Characteristics That You Should Have To Be Yoga Guru

You will find plenty of job opportunities on Just.Jobs although your main challenge lies in possessing the behavioral traits that the students or the hiring institutes look for. Let’s have a look –

  • Love for yoga

Students learn from teachers and if the yoga teacher is always exhausted or never tries out the yoga to show the pupil, then the students will never find the enthusiasm of trying the lessons out. You should have an inclination to do yoga alongside the students while having a stout physique that speaks about your yog-habits.

  • Knowledge About The Exercises

While the students would not like to hear lectures more than the physical exercises, they will always be lenient towards the teacher when he/she explains the benefits that the exercises would offer. As a guru, you need to have knowledge about the exercises and their effects so that you can encourage others to try out. Moreover, telling about certain limitations in case of prenatal stage or any injuries will also deem you efficient for yoga jobs.

  • Strict About Details, Considerate About Limitations

Yoga done in an improper way is never fruitful, rather harmful in bringing up certain complications. As a yoga guru, you need to make sure that your postures have the perfect detailing so that you can teach students to get that perfection.

At the same time, you should be considerate about the beginners and those with physical complications because yoga never can be done in a hurry.

  • Versatile And Open For Customization

The yoga guru hirers always look out for candidates who are well versed in different genres of yoga. Being versatile will let you customize and adapt to flexible yoga lessons based on the students.

  • Ability to Keep The Atmosphere Relaxed

While some students feel comfortable in a light-hearted ambience, some need soothing and tranquil ambience. You should have a dynamic personality to create a blend of both types of atmosphere which is relaxing, soothing and light-hearted so that students never feel shy while connecting with you.

  • Compassion –Checking On To Pupils

Yoga gurus should be compassionate enough to check on the students before starting any yoga session so that those who have any physical issues can be treated or get customized exercises accordingly. Moreover, you should be attentive towards the students if they get injured while doing yoga or having any problem in doing the right posture.

  • Open To Suggestions

While looking for yoga guru jobs, keep in mind that you are not perfect and hence, be open to suggestions, be it from the hirer, your senior or the students. When you will be conducting a yoga session with a class full of students from all types of physique, a basic pan or routine session won’t be helpful.  You should respect their preferences but at the same time, also make sure that students are giving proper attention to all parts of the body and not staying in their comfort zone.

  • Not Time-bound

As much as the hirer would want you to be punctual, that doesn’t mean you have to hurry in completing the sessions and leave the class just in time. A teacher is also a friend who would need to stay a bit after the session so that students can open up about any problems they faced or ask for any suggestions or clear any doubts. Being professional is what this job needs from you, but not over-professional as to not being able to connect with students.


  • Unbiased and Less Ego

All the job openings on Just.Jobs are for candidates who are not self-centered and egoist, but a team-builder and liberal. Being biased with sex, race, skin color, food habits or life style and discriminating among students or in worst case, in between you and the students will never help you land the job. The job needs you to be in charge, but leave ego outside so that students can relate to you.

So, if you feel that you possess all the above mentioned skills, then waste no time and start looking for the latest opening on Just.Jobs. Again, if you even feel that you don’t possess certain characteristics; why not change yourself a bit? Having an energetic presence and being creative in bringing up new sessions are among the most vital traits looked while hiring for yoga guru or yoga teacher jobs.

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