Great Christmas Presents For Your Sports Mad Friends

It might only be the beginning of October but now is an excellent time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Yes, really. Before you know it, time will have flown by, and you may find yourself stuck for ideas and unable to find the things that you want in the shops. If you have a sports-mad friend then why not check out our ideas below for some great Christmas presents, there is something out there to suit everybody and every budget.

Medal Display

If you have a friend who takes part in a lot of competitions, then they will probably have a lot of medals sitting around. Why not treat them to a medal display so that they can display them in pride of place in their home. There are plenty of companies out there who make them, and they can even customise them with artwork to suit your friend’s favourite sport and your chosen number of hooks – it really depends on how much you want to spend.

Outdoor Changing Robe

If your sports-mad friend is a lover of the rugged outdoor lifestyle, whether they surf, swim or love to cycle, then why not treat them to a outdoor changing robe? Not only are they a very comfortable and warm choice for anyone who might need to stay warm and get changed outside they are also incredibly durable as well. Of course, they are also long enough to preserve your modesty which is never a bad thing when changing outdoors.

Hydration Pack

Any serious sports person who loves to be out and about will find plenty of use for a hydration pack, and the lighter the better. Easily detachable straws are a great and very practical way to sip water while on the go. Look for something with several inbuilt pockets for efficient storage of keys, phones or even energy bars. Slim hydration packs are also a good choice as they can be worn under the rest of the kit, making them more ergonomic.

If you don’t think your friend would use a hydration pack then you could also look at a personalised water bottle, there are some excellent ones out there. Alternatively, a personalised bottle for protein shakes would probably go down really well.

Portable Phone Charger

If your sporty friend loves to get out into the wild, then having a mobile phone with them in case of emergencies can be a sensible idea. The only problem is if they run out of charge and need to contact someone, that’s when a portable phone charger can really come into its own. There are plenty of options on the market at the moment, and they can be really small, little more than the size of a lipstick so very easy to carry with you. The only important thing to remember is to make sure the charger is fully charged before going out.

ID Bracelet

While it may not be something you want to think about a personalised ID bracelet can be a perfect present for your sports-mad friend. Add any vital information to the bracelet in case of an accident to assist the emergency services. If you don’t know the information you would need to include, then there are plenty of companies who allow you to buy a gift certificate so that your friend can have it personalised with the most appropriate information.


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