Guide On Official Tourism Authorization to Italy

ETIAS is European Travel Information and Authorization System. This is a visa waiver program that will be in effect from 2021. The EU initiated this for enhanced security in EU borders. It is an electronic system that will conduct a complete security check of travellers entering the Schengen zone.

However, ETIAS Italy is applicable only for the eligible nationals of qualifying countries. Qualifying countries are those that can enter the EU without a visa at present. By 2021 ETIAS will be made mandatory and travelling to the Schengen zone will be possible only with the travel authorization

Facts About ETIAS Validity

The validity of ETIAS might be for three years, or until the validity of your passport expires, whichever happens first is considered.

Documents Required For Travel Authorization

The only document required will be a valid passport. The passport should be valid for three months past your planned departure date from a Schengen country.

Multiple Entry into EU With ETIAS

You can enter the Schengen travel zone for as long as your ETIAS is valid. The only pre-requisite is that ETIAS can be used only for a short period. Your stay should not exceed 90 days in the 180 days. ETIAS is hence beneficial for business trips and tourism.

ETIAS for children

Every traveller, be it an infant, a child, or an adult will need to show the travel authorization to enter the Schengen zone. However, there is no fee for travellers under the age of 18


ETIAS has access to various databases to verify all the information regarding a traveller within minutes. Hence, it is highly important to present honest details during the application process. If there is a discrepancy in the details provided ETIAS Italy can be revoked.

Tourism in Italy

Italy is a traveller’s delight. The magnificence of Rome with the Vatican city, Venice, with its stunning canals and historic buildings, makes it an attractive travel destination. One cannot miss Florence, which is rich in Renaissance art and architecture. Another architectural beauty is the Ponte Vecchio. This is a stone arch ridge in the Medieval period that houses numerous jewellery stores. If you love art, fashion, history, and shopping, Italy is the place to be.

Transportation Tips In Italy

Italy is a beautiful country in every sense for a traveller. To experience this beauty, one must travel around. Hence, it is important to be aware of the transportation system in Italy.


The train is the easiest way to move around. High-speed trains are connecting big cities. But as you go to the southern part of the country, trains can be a little erratic, and delays are expected. Hence, it is important to give yourself enough time, to get to places, especially if you have a flight to catch.

Drive Around To Experience The Beauty

Public transports are simpler. But driving around can be quite fun, especially in Countrysides like Tuscany, or northern lakes. Traffic can be chaotic, but the scenic experience would be magical and worthy.

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