Having Fun During a Trip to Silicon Valley

Trip to Silicon Valley

Before Silicon Valley became a popular term for the hyper-mega-sized tech hubs of San Francisco, it was an area for simply large tech moguls and computer companies. And before that, in fact, before this area between San Francisco and San Jose was just the home of a fruit orchard.

Those days are long gone now, but you can still see some of the fruit orchards when you drive this part of San Francisco. The best thing to do when you come to this area is to check out the various campuses and restaurants nearby that have become favorites of Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin.

Choose the Right Hotel Nearby

When looking for hotels near Silicon Valley, the best ones to choose will have a host of amenities and a great location in the area. If you want to stay in the middle of everything, then you should pick a hotel close to where you’ll be traveling. In Silicon Valley, much of the area is walkable, so you’ll be able to leave the hotel and take a quick bike ride or walk over to tech campuses nearby.

Some of the best hotels to stay at include:

  •  Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley
  •  Enchante Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Valencia Santana Row

Visit Facebook Campus

You won’t be able to get into this campus without an invite or someone on the inside. This campus is located inside Menlo Park; you can pose up in front of the sign all year long without a pass, though. If you are looking for Facebook swag, you will need to meet someone on the inside to get in. If you look behind the sign, you’ll see that Facebook hasn’t replaced the old campus of Sun Microsystems completely. They kept the logo of this legendary company.

See the Google Campus

Google actually has a collection of candy statues outside of its walls. You can take a photo with any of these Android collectible statues, and you can walk over the “Google Gate Bridge,” which connects certain buildings throughout Google. Unless you have a pass, it will be difficult to get inside of the campus, however, you can sign up for a tour.

Eat at Buck’s of Woodside

This is one of the top lunch spots for those who live, eat, and breathe in Silicon Valley. You’ll probably spot a variety of famous programmers and entrepreneurs dining at this popular lunch place in the center of it all. There is also a lot of history of companies being formed at Buck’s as well. For example, the first demo of PayPal was held at Buck’s and it was the location of Hotmail’s incorporation.

The Historic Birthplace of Silicon Valley: HP Garage

The early days of the Hewlett-Packard company are still preserved in the 1930s home. The garage was turned into HP’s business office, and it would be the place where the first HP computers were built. It was named a National Historic Place in 2007. You can take a tour, but it’s just enough to see the outside of the house and garage, which reveal the architecture of the period.

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