Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Home remedies for pregnancy test

Are you in any kind of doubt or getting puzzled whether you are pregnant o not? Well there are many women who suffer from this phase especially if you have missed your period or you are feeling dizziness or morning sickness.  Being a mother is one of the precious feelings of this world, not only for the mother but also for the father and the whole family. There are numbers of pregnancy kits available in the market through you can test your pregnancy but if you believe in homely and ancient tests then there are numbers of options available also.  Here we are introducing some of simple and basic home remedies for pregnancy test:-

  • Dandelion Leaves:

This is one of the old home remedy to test your pregnancy. Dandelion leaves are also known as lion’s tooth or blow ball. What you simply do that take some dandelion leaves and put them into a plastic container and keep away this container from sunlight. Whenever you feel like pee then do that on these leaves and wet them with urine properly, after 10 minutes if you see red spots in leaves then the result will positive and if nothing happens it means negative report.

  • Bleach:

Bleach is one of the common beauty products which have been uses by every woman but very few people know that it is also a home remedy for pregnancy test. Bleach is a strong chemical so be careful while testing. Take some amount of bleach powder and mix it with your urine in a plastic container after some minutes if you see foam or bubbles on surface then it is the sign of positive pregnancy.

  • Toothpaste:

Toothpaste is also a basic domestic thing and easily can be found in every home. Make sure that use white toothpaste for pregnancy test, you simply mix your urine with little quantity of toothpaste and wait for some minutes and if the color changes into blue it indicates the positive pregnancy and if nothing happens means negative pregnancy. There is no such amount is certain of urine and toothpaste so sometimes this test has no results but sometimes you can found accurate results also.

  • Vinegar:

Vinegar is an all rounder ingredient of our kitchen, and it is also used for pregnancy test also. As like other home remedies take little amount of vinegar into a container or cup and mix It with urine, the first morning urine will be best for the test, wait for a while and if you see bubbles or foam on surface it means you are pregnant.

  • Sugar:

Sugar is common and basic and important ingredient of every house that dissolves very easily and quickly into any liquid. Mix up your urine with some sugar into a container and after some time if sugar does not dissolve and you see some lumps of sugar into the cup that means your pregnancy is positive and if sugar dissolve properly it means you have no pregnancy yet.

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