How Fragrance Combining Can Totally Change A Scent

The scent is like an outfit. You want to wear everything that speaks about yourself. As much as you make an effort on your attire, you also want to smell good for the rest of the day. You want to be presentable and confident for yourself. FRAGRANCE365.CA will help you with that dilemma of yours. They may have all the scent you prefer. If you already have a signature scent you can repurchase it on the website. But if you are want to try other scents you have not encountered yet, there are descriptions on every perfume for sale. You can also read reviews. Another option is to ask someone who is an expert when it comes to perfumes and colognes.

If you are someone who is very picky when it comes to your scent, and you think you have not found yet the scent of your life, you can actually be creative then. According to, you can combine the perfumes that you have. Just try and try until it already passed your standards. One great benefit of being creative and making combinations with your perfume is that it can save money. For example, you can combine cheap products to create dupes for high-end perfumes. It would make a huge difference in the smell and it would make it last longer because it is composed of two formulas now.

Here are some scent combinations that you can try:

Lemon Bergamot This combination will intensify the citrusy scent of each other. This is most recommendable if you love citrus scents.
Vanilla Lavender This scent gives such a feminine vibe. It is very sweet but not strong smelling. The lavender will calm the scent of vanilla.
Rose Jasmine These are both flowery scents which also give so much feminine vibe. It is not that sweet but fresh smelling. It has a garden vibe.
Ginger Eucalyptus While ginger is spicy, add eucalyptus scent to it. This scent gives a masculine vibe. Together, they will create a fresh and cool scent.
Bergamot Peppermint Citrusy and minty scent together will create a very fresh scent. The good thing about this is that it can be unisex. The scent is not that strong but fresh and cool instead.

Now that you have an idea which you scent you can combine to create another scent, you will know one scent can totally change if added to another. In this case, you have to be mindful with the ingredients you will mix together. If you have allergies to whichever ingredient, you have to be careful in creating combinations because you do not want your allergies to be triggered.

You can take advantage of combining scents and create a new scent by saving money. You can experiment with the colognes or perfumes you have at home and create possible dupes for more expensive scents. And most importantly, you can also sell these. You can also teach this technique to other people. If you have not discovered your signature scent yet, try this process of scent combinations.

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