How To Dispose of Hazardous Material Before You Move?

Living in a home more than a decade means you will accumulate several things that you are not in need to bring with you when you move. This hazardous material can be harmful to all people, animals and as well as to the environment if it is not disposed of in a good manner. You might know that shipping this material into moving truck is not legal therefore, it is suggested you to hire professional house movers to dispose of hazardous material.

What do you mean by hazardous wastes?

Before looking for the ways to dispose of hazardous waste it is important to know what kind of material comes under hazardous waste. Have a look at the type of hazardous materials present in our homes.

  1. Corrosive material: Such substances usually liquids corrode metals like cleaners, drain cleaners and so on.
  2. Flammable and combustible materials: Materials which burns easily. The material whose ignite point is low such as oxidizers, gasoline, propane tanks and so on.
  3. Toxic materials: These are the materials that are deadly and harmful when comes in contact with an individual. These items can be motor oil, weed killers, think paint and so on.

How to dispose of these hazardous materials?

Get to know of laws existing in your country: Before knowing what you should do with the hazardous wastes, you should be aware of the laws regarding hazardous material in your country. Different countries have different rules based on hazardous material disposal therefore, you should know the rules and regulations regarding hazardous waste in your country.

Read the label of the materials: Usually, all the household hazardous materials come with the general direction that how you can keep these items stored and how to handle these. Read those particulars written on the product and use the correct disposal method to dispose of these hazardous wastes.

Find an appropriate drop off location

The local waste management authorities offer the drop off services that have been set up at a particular date and time. Though it is recommended you to call them directly and get as much as information as you can because there are only a few items to which they offer disposal services.


If someone else is in need for the hazardous material that you have then you can donate these items to them like your local nursery can use the extra fertilizer that you have.

Some tips to dispose of hazardous wastes:

  • Never mix the products so that they can be disposed of safely using the right method of instructions.
  • Keep the materials in the original packing so that you can dispose of perfectly.
  • It is recommended you to handle the empty container with safety.
  • Never load these on loading truck. Though movers would not allow you to load such items but to ensure complete it is also your responsibility to take care of it.

 Apart from this, taking help from professional movers can help of a lot. They know how to handle hazardous products and how to dispose of. You can use help from these professional state to state movers and dispose of hazardous waste in the right manner.

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