How To Make Successful YouTube Videos?

If you are aiming to make successful YouTube video you have to follow certain thumb rules relevant to the task. You have to find the right camera equipment, audio setup, and some smart editing, you are off. Here are some tips on how to make successful YouTube videos, by judiciously employing them you are likely to come up with a winner.

Selecting the right equipment is the right step towards to your YouTube goal

Determine a budget

Before planning to make your first video, you shall require to collect a few pieces of equipment such as a camera, devoted microphone and appropriate lighting equipment. The list could be a little overwhelming but you can build up a budget easily to find the inventory. You need to keep couple of things in mind while doing it:

  • Do not presume that you will have to invest on the highest quality camera which you cannot afford. It is ideal to have a cheaper camera that you can operate well than having a DSLR worth $1,000 that you cannot.
  • Place your requirement in the priority order, audio, video and lighting. You can always improvise while you are buying items like a tripod and opt for an improvised stool or table to place the camera

Choose your camera

You give yourself options when choosing the camera. This will depend in your budget and you can buy a DSLR of film grade or a simple webcam, built-in. Here are some options:

  • Smartphone
  • Camcorder
  • DSLR Camera

Find a dedicated microphone

Poor quality audio can spoil your professionally shot video footage as it will distract viewers. Achieving good quality video for your YouTube video may not be possible with a built-in microphone, so find a dedicated microphone and for $100 you are likely to get a good one.

Buy lighting equipment

Choose lighting equipment, and that can be a professional grade lighting kit or a pair of desk lamps. Use lighting in a static location and setup lights strategically to get best results. Keep one behind the camera and the other at 45 degree angle either on left or right of the object. Also use natural light if you have the source, and always aim to have no shadow on the object you are shooting.

Editing software

Ensure your compter have a quality editing software. Nowadays it is easy to find them as they come in with the systems such as Windows Movie Maker. However buying a professional editing software and installing is better advised for producing high quality editing.

Create video theme

It is important to work out the video theme before filming. Though this aspect does not belong to the equipment section, it is very important for your video turning to be good. Follow the below given tips

  • Subject of video
  • Purpose of video
  • Target audience
  • Script

Once you have put these items in the right perspective the shooting will be easy for you. It is also wiser to get professional YouTube consulting because it will be instruction based tutoring.

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