How To Move Your Grand Piano Safely?

Before you call some of your good friends for help, keep in mind that moving a piano can be a risky job if you are not equipped and experienced. In the majority of articles you have read about piano moving, you are recommended to hire professional interstate piano movers. We too recommend you to take advantage of piano moving companies. If you are trying to move it on your own, you should understand the risks of injuries and damages involved in this job. 

It may be a little easier if you are moving to the next room or the instrument is on the ground floor. In case stairs are involved, there is no room for mistakes. A minor mistake or mishandling can cause a major injury or significant damage to the instrument or the property. 

If you are preparing a plan for moving the instrument, don’t skip arranging every single piano moving equipment. You do not need to spend much on renting piano moving equipment. Even when there are no tight spaces, stairs or elevators in your way, you must have every single piano moving equipment. Here is how you can move this heavy and awkward instrument safely. 

Recruit some help 

The weight and shape of this instrument make it difficult to handle. For example, if yours is an upright piano, its top half carries all its weight. The legs and feet of the piano are very fragile. So, you need helping hands to carry the weight safely and protect the fragile parts from damage. To lift and move an average upright piano properly and safely, you need at least four healthy individuals.   

Get the right piano moving equipment 

You need some tools and equipment to move the musical instrument. Without these tools, you cannot pack, hold, lift, move and place the musical instrument in the truck safely. So, buy or rent some heavy-duty straps. Also rent a furniture dolly for supporting the weight of your piano. You need heavy-duty piano straps to strap the piano to the dolly and in the truck while moving. Piano moving companies have their trucks tailored for this job. However, you can rent a truck from a local moving company. The local moving company can also help you in renting piano moving equipment. You also need padding or moving blankets to protect your musical instrument from bumps. These blankets will also protect the walls from scrapes and cracks. 

Protect the keyboard 

Make sure that you have closed and locked the keyboard lid. This will protect the fragile keys of your piano. 

Wrap it 

Wrap the piano with padding or blanket. Protect all the corners. Use packing tape to secure the blanket. However, the tape should not contact the surface of the piano. 

Lifting the piano 

Never lift the piano by its legs. Always keep it in an upright position. Laying it on its side can cause some damage to the inner mechanism of the instrument.  

  • Place a moving strap on each end under the bottom of the piano. 
  • Position two movers on each end of the piano. 
  • Hold piano straps and lift it onto the piano dolly. 
  • Secure it on the dolly. 
  • Lock the casters of your piano in place. 
  • Securing it in the moving truck 
  • Put it next to the back wall. You can also use wood planks to stabilize the instrument during the move. 
  • Lift the piano onto the planks. 
  • Secure it to the wall of the truck using the moving straps. 
  • Make sure that the piano should not tip or roll around. 

Move it in your new home and get it tuned. 

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