Some Instagram Tools for Businesses to Build their Following in 2018

Achieving a robust Instagram following could be an amazing way of building an audience. Today there are a host of effective Instagram tools that are available easily for you to use to boost your customer base. Here are some expert reviews of Instagram tools that are really popular in 2018. These are frequently being used by influencers and successful brands for generating sizeable Instagram audiences in almost no time.

  • Owlmetrics

As per a survey, about 78% of businesses acknowledged the fact that data was integral to the success of their work. The top marketing teams are efficient enough to gather, analyze, and promptly react to data. Owlmetrics is a competent tool that would be helping marketing teams to do exactly that because of a solid analytics platform provided by Instagram.

The tool effectively analyzes Instagram performance in terms of post engagement and follower growth. Businesses could even find out the most suitable time for posting content during the day as per calendar heat maps that are easy-to-interpret and that are capable of synthesizing huge data sets.

  • SocialDrift

SocialDrift helps you in increasing your Instagram followers organically by utilizing machine-learning algorithms for engaging with some other Instagram users via automated comments, likes, and follows. It would be letting users set precise parameters regarding automated outreach associated with account location, hashtag use, or name etc.

This amazing machine-learning platform would then help in determining the most suitable time for engaging with your target accounts. This tool is known to feature a useful dashboard which is effective in tracking automated engagement, interaction-to-follow conversions, and new followers from this platform.

  • Grum

Grum helps you in seamlessly scheduling your Instagram posts directly from your computer. Grum is great for allowing users to effectively schedule their posts, comments, and captions well in advance. This makes things easy for creating a splendid editorial without any major hitches.

  • Canva

Canva is a fantastic platform that takes the simplicity of something like MS Paint and couples it with the functionality of a more traditional design tool like Photoshop. What is the result? You can create amazing, customized designs in a matter of minutes. The tool is used by any brand that wants quick and smart-looking designs without the hassle or expense of having to deal with a professional designer.

  • Later

Later offers a variety of scheduling and storage features that marketers have come to love. It is a solid solution for any team that is looking to build a robust Instagram content calendar. The Later platform also offers a bulk uploader with support for tags and labels, and Chrome extension that lets you look up and repost content with services like Like4Like​.

  • Woobox

A very large portion of top brands (approximately 70%) has integrated games into their market strategy. Woobox is the perfect tool for this because it allows small, medium, and large brands to create contests for social media that can collect leads, convert them into sales, and also organically boost the number of followers you have on Instagram. Over four million organizations use Woobox today, including huge names like American Airlines, the NFL, and Spotify. You can also use it to build forms and landing pages if you don’t have automation software in place yet.


Instagram sees monthly active user numbers in the hundreds of millions every month and can no longer be denied its place in the digital marketing pantheon. These tools will help all kinds of marketers build solid Instagram campaigns that boost sales and craft a great brand image.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.​

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