Is Building a Career in Big Data a Smart Choice to Make?

Is Building a Career in Big Data a Smart Choice to Make?

Looking for reasons to build a career in Big Data? You are in luck as this article will provide you with enough reasons to be sure about creating a Big Data career.

I understand that it can be intimidating to begin a career in a new field. But if that field is Big Data, then you do not have to worry too much as it is one of the fastest growing areas of work all around the world and you can get ample of opportunities in the vast world of Big Data.

Most of the aspirants of a Big Data career are confused about whether to go for relevant Data Scientist qualifications or not as it demands a great amount of time & money. It is a huge commitment to go for a Big Data Scientist certification, especially, when you are new to this field and anxious about how things will turn out for you in the future.

Here are a few reasons that will help you gain surety about making a successful career in Big Data.

The widespread popularity of Big Data

According to scientists, Big Data is definitely the ‘Next Big Thing’. As it has the potential to take a company from ashes to empire in no time. BY utilizing Big Data technologies, an organization can create a niche in its industry & move ahead of the competition with ease.

Every company today gathers information and stored that data for further use. The reason why organizations collect data so that they can find something valuable out of it to grow their business. Like for example, in the area of medicine, the knowledge that you find in large sets of data has the power to change a patient’s life, or perhaps change the whole world, according to Atul Butte, from the Stanford School of Medicine.

With the help of data scientists, companies can make use good of their collected data, find patterns in it & take more informed decisions that can enhance their productivity & provide more value to their goods & services.

  1. The high requirement for Data Analytics

Information can be seen as oil of this century & Data Analytics is considered as the combustion engine, as per Peter Sondergaard, associated with Gartner research.

There is so much data created on a daily basis, all thanks to modern technology, and Big Data Analytics is essential for processing this data. This is why it has been projected by scientists & researchers that the size of the Big Data Analytics market will grow up to one-third of the whole world’s IT market.

As a result of all this, professionals with Big Data Analytics career will be in demand everywhere as every company wants to explore the power of Big Data in order to expand.

  1. Large investments happening in Big Data Analytics

A Forbes article written by Louis Columbus, based on a study called ‘2014 IDG Enterprise Big Data Research’, stated that, over the next year, around $8M will be spent by an average enterprise on initiatives related to Big Data Analytics.

Moreover, there is also a prediction that at least one department or business unit will make mainstream utilization of Big Data.

  1. It can provide you with a great profile

Statisticians will be considered as the sexiest job in the next ten years, according to Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist. It is very tough to find Data Scientists these days. That’s why companies are eager to hire them, offer them big bucks & retain them. There are several job titles available for professionals with expertise in Big Data Analytics.


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