Is It Safe To Eat Tamarind During Pregnancy?

When women are pregnant, at that time their body experiences many changes when it comes to mood swings and better food habits. This variation comes in terms of food is known as dysgeusia. We know that during this critical condition of women they crave for eating tangy food items such as lemon, pickle, and tamarind. It is definitely certain that this craving occurs when a pregnant lady is on the phase of the first trimester. However many people feel that the intake of tamarind throughout this term can be risky, but specialists feel that eating such sour foods in reasonable amount is better for the mother and baby.

Is It Safe To Eat Tamarind During Pregnancy?

Of course, is absolutely safe to eat tamarind during pregnancy but eat within limits. But it will be better to consult with your doctor about tamarind consumption during your pregnancy

Why consume tamarind during pregnancy?

This question can be asked by any would-be mother that why we crave for eating tamarind during pregnancy. As per health specialist, tamarind contains a great source of nutrients that are hale and hearty for mother and fetus as well. It also comprises rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants properties that help to improve the immunity health but also assist women to tend to spare toward it for the duration of pregnancy because of its pungent and honeyed taste. You can easily get this magical ingredient online using Big Basket Coupon Code with great offers.

Add Tamarind in Your Healthy Pregnancy Diet

If your health expert forbids consuming tamarind, then you can try to prepare recipes by including tamarind. You can also eat fresh tamarind that you can easily buy from all grocery stores or even you can decorate toppings of tamarind in your dishes, salad coverings, brews, and more.

Benefits of Consuming Tamarind during Pregnancy

Here are some of the key benefits of eating tamarinds during pregnancy:

  • Tamarind contains rich sources of antidote that helps to get rid of morning sickness and many pregnant women have to face this problem during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • It holds enough vitamin C constituents that improve immunity systems in pregnant women; it boosts the breathing and promotes to glow on the skin.
  • This tangy good consists of rich sources of fiber and it includes various potentials to prevent constipation throughout pregnancy by stimulating healthy bowel activities
  • It also encompasses antioxidants properties and we have mentioned already that antioxidants can help to prevent the impairment which is caused by free radicals
  • It is well-known to control blood sugar levels in the body, and therefore, it also helps you to get rid of gestational diabetes easily.
  • Tamarind also holds great sources of potassium and iron and these are identified to control blood pressure. During pregnancy, most women experience high blood pressure and eating tamarind can help to prevent this problem.

Side Effects of Eating Tamarind         

There are numerous known complications related to eating of tamarind during pregnancy.

  • Eating tamarind can increase the risk of a miscarriage of the baby. There are lots of medicines, which are safe to take when a woman is pregnant but this might cause an adverse reaction when a pregnant lady consumes with tamarind. Aspirin is a medicine that should be consumed with tamarind which can lead to a miscarriage of fetus.
  • Consuming tamarind might cause cardiac complications in pregnant women. If you eat tamarind in high amount during pregnancy, it may cause heart and lungs related conditions.
  • Although eating tamarind with ibuprofen medication so, that can result in cardiac damage in the fetus
  • Eating tamarind too much leads to an imbalance in blood sugar in pregnant women

Should You Eat Tamarind During Pregnancy?                                                               

Without a doubt, tamarind is beneficial to eat but consume in moderation when you are pregnant. But you should be aware of tamarind consumption and must know that tamarind has plenty of potentials to react with several medicines you take with tamarind. Thus, make sure you eat tamarind in limit during pregnancy.  Moreover if you are looking for Ayurveda jobs then it could be the best chance to try it

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