Is there any pill/medicine for fast weight loss?

When talking about weight loss, there are numerous supplements and pills out there in the market that can aid in fast weight loss. It also includes plenty of drugs and natural supplements. These are intended to help you lose weight. Additionally, if not that, it is indicated to make the process of weight loss easier as compared to other methods.

These pills and supplements work by the following means:

  • Reduce absorption: These pills help you reduce the absorption of nutrients like fat which in turn makes you consume fewer calories.
  • Reduce appetite: These medicines make you feel fuller and wholesome by making you feel heavy so that you eat lesser calories and lose your weight fast.
  • Burn calories: These particular pills and supplements also help you burn more calories and help you get slimmer day by day.

Popular weight loss supplements and pills

Here is a lineup of the famous and well-known diet pills and supplements that one can use to promote a faster weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia cambogia grew famous globally after being highlighted on the Dr Oz show in 2012. The pill looks like a tiny, green fruit shaped pumpkin. The layer of the fruit carries hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

It is the vital ingredient in garcinia cambogia extract. It is mainly available in the market as a diet pill. Researches show that this pill can inhibit the fat-production enzyme in your body. It likewise increases the levels of serotonin which works for reducing food cravings.


Hydroxycut has been in the market for more than a decade. It is one of the popular weight loss supplements all over the world. There are various types of this particular supplement, but this type is the most common one. It includes several ingredients in it which aid in fast weight loss.

Additionally, caffeine and a few plants extract present in this supplement helps to slim you down in a quicker way. But, you may not take this particular pill if you are allergic to caffeine. You may experience several side effects like tremors, jitteriness, diarrhoea etc.


It is one of the popular psychoactive components of weight loss. Generally, you may find caffeine in coffee, green tea and dark chocolate. Additionally, you may also get this element in various processed foods and products. Caffeine mainly acts as a metabolism booster and often taken with weight loss supplements. It can help you boost your metabolism by 3 to 11%. Also, it burns fat up to 29%.

Studies have shown that coffee can produce weight loss considerably. Therefore, one willing to substitute weight loss pills can drink coffee for the same purpose. But as nothing is good in high amounts, therefore, it should not be consumed beyond the limit. If so is sone, then one may experience various side-effects like anxiety, irritability, nausea and other such similar symptoms. So, in case you are allergic to these supplements, you should quit it immediately.

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