Know about the best IVF doctor in India

Introduction to IVF in India

IVF is otherwise known as In-vitro Fertilization which is a sort of reproductive technology for those who are unable to have babies for a long period of time. This reproductive procedure is done by extracting eggs from the females and further extracting the sperms from the males, they proceed towards combining the eggs and sperms and through that, the baby is formed as the combination is further transferred to the uterus. IVF can basically be used in case a couple is infertile to produce babies. The situation is as following

· In case of damaged fallopian tubes

· Sometimes both of them might not be infertile, in some cases, the male might be infertile and the sperm count might not be to the extent as needed for the combination with the eggs

· Sometimes the ovulation disorders in women can be a major problem in leading to infertility in females.

· Sometimes individuals with serious genetic disorders might have trouble with the production of the baby

IVF is never the initial phase in the treatment of barrenness aside from in instances of complete tubal blockage. Rather, it’s saved for cases in which different strategies, for example, ripeness medications, medical procedure, and manual semen injection haven’t worked.

In the event that you imagine that IVF may bode well for you, cautiously evaluate any treatment focus before experiencing the system. Before going for the IVF treatment, one must remember to consult the doctor and ask thorough questions regarding it.

Further, there are certain steps that are minutely followed considering the In Vitro Fertilization.

· Mainly there are 5 steps that the doctor follows diligently in this procedure. The first step involves the medications regarding fertility that mainly focuses on the stimulation of the egg production. Multiple blood tests are even conducted in order to check the level of the eggs produced because sometimes even the multiple eggs that are produced might not be enough for the production of a baby.

· Eggs are extracted through a procedure where the needle is used in order to extract the egg.

· Further, the sperm is retrieved from the males and the sperms from the males and the eggs from the females are combined in order to generate a baby

Side Effects of IVF

There are only certain mild side effects that the individuals experience who undergo the IVF treatment. They are as following

· Women might experience a release of a small amount of fluid from their body

· Constipation is often seen in those who undergo IVF treatment

· Sometimes the females who go through this procedure develop a sort of tenderness in their breasts.

· There might be a minor bloating on the stomach due to the IVF treatment but this remains only for a short period of time.

· But some serious side effects like Pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding at a high pace and fever might require the females who are experiencing it to consult a doctor as soon as possible

Know about the Best IVF doctor in India

There are few best IVF doctors in India. They are as following

· Nisha Bhatnagar– She is one of the most reputed and best-known doctors in IVF treatment in India. She has her own IVF clinic and has over 15-years experience in the field of infertility. Her practice and her clinic are established in Delhi.

Normally People who are completely hopeless of having a baby have actually applauded and thanked Nisha Bhatnagar for doing such a remarkable thing and gifting them the best thing of their life. Had it not been for her, they could not have experienced the pleasure of being a parent.

· Dr. Kaberi Banerjee belonging to New Delhi also has over 15-years experience in the field of IVF and infertility and has performed over 4000 cycles of IVF. She has a specialization in the area and is considered to be the best doctor as far as IVF is concerned.

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