Do You Love Music? Here’s Why You Should Learn to Play an Instrument

Play an Instrument

If you are like most people, then a love of music would be absolutely ingrained in you. Sure, each person may have their own tastes in genres and artists, but at the end of the day, there is no denying that few people can live without music. Of course, the real question is – what should you do with this appreciation for music?

The most common way to advance your interest in music is to go looking for new songs on the internet or relying on the suggestions of friends. However, just imagine if you could take this one step further! Well, you can – simply by learning to play an instrument that you love. Just in case you aren’t convinced, keep reading to find out how acquiring this particular skill can help with your love of music.

You Are Able to Appreciate Songs More

As a typical music listener, you probably can’t fully appreciate just how much effort went into your favorite song or album. After all, how could you? These skills are beyond your capabilities and thus difficult for you to grasp. However, when you take the time to learn how an instrument works and how to play it, this proves to be a game changer.

Suddenly, you know how difficult it was for your preferred artist to string together that specific part of the song. You can understand how much dexterity and strength went into maintaining that rhythm. By being able to take note of all this, you will actually be able to fall even more in love with a song. Not to mention, after mastering an instrument, you may find that even the simplest of songs are transformed into beautiful pieces.

You Can Hear Songs Differently

At this point, you are probably listening to music with an untrained ear. As a result, there is actually probably quite a bit you are missing out on. See, research has shown that musicians are able to hear more clearly. Now, this doesn’t mean that their hearing is any better. Rather, it implies that musicians are better-equipped to isolate certain sounds, especially in a song.

In the same way, musicians are also able to unearth the meanings of sounds. So, when you are listening to a certain piece of music, you may notice that you are able to understand it better. This could especially come in useful if you love classical music or choose to listen to songs that have a rather heavy, emotional tinge to it.

Musical Skills Allow You to Create Your Own

If you have a creative streak, then you may be itching to come up with your own songs. However, without the proper skillset, you may find that you are unable to progress any further than writing down some lyrics. On the other hand, if you are aware of how to play an instrument, writing music for these lyrics will become a lot easier.

Sure, it may take some time and certainly a bit of trial and error but eventually, you will be able to create your own song. Furthermore, you will find that your attempts at creativity are also more greatly rewarded once you master an instrument. This is because experts have concluded that when you play a musical instrument, multiple parts of your brain are activated at once. As a result, your capacity for creativity greatly increases. So, not only will you be more capable of producing your own music, you may notice that you are quite good at it as well.

It Helps You Connect with Other Musicians

As you are probably already aware, it is a lot of fun to talk about music with your friends. This is especially true when discussing artists and genres with similar-minded people. After all, you may have even found some of your favorite songs this way. Well, if you can imagine it, bonding with other musicians can be more satisfying than this. A large part of this has to do with the fact that you will all have a greater appreciation of whatever music you are listening to.

Now, in case you are wondering how you can meet all these musicians, don’t worry. In fact, you may realize that it is a lot easier to meet musicians rather than people who are merely interested in music. There are so many different forums where musicians can find each other. Not to mention, there are also various events and classes that you can attend to meet people who are just like you.

It Encourages Learning About Music In Depth

Most people have a rudimentary understanding of music. This is because much of their research is focused on songs and perhaps, the artists who wrote them. Nonetheless, when you begin to learn how to play an instrument, you will realize that there is so much more to it. This will encourage you to take an in-depth journey and make you want to learn more about music history.

This is largely because figuring out how to play an instrument will spark your curiosity about how it all began. So, you may start to do more research on the pieces you are learning and it will simply snowball from there.

Due to this, you will have a greater understanding of the history of music and how various genres cropped up. This will give you a better insight into modern music genres and how they are represented. The more you discover and understand about melodies, harmonies, and songs, the more you will come to truly respect this creative outlet.

When you think about it, there are a number of reasons why learning to play an instrument will take your love of music to new heights. However, you will be hard-pressed to believe any of these until you actually try your hand at music theory yourself. So, why not go ahead and figure out which instrument you want to play and then master it?

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