Making The Best Of The Space In Your Kitchen

You might think that in order to be beautiful, your kitchen needs to be big, but that is simply not the case. Remember the adage that beautiful things come in small packages, well this can certainly apply to a kitchen. All you need is a great design and plenty of clever space saving ideas and any small kitchen can be transformed into a stunning space that appears bigger than it really is.

Consider your colours

Paler colours will help to give the illusion of space in your kitchen and are well worth considering. They offer you very clean lines and can really open up the area and help it look lighter. That doesn’t mean that you need to make your kitchen completely white, just consider the shades that you use carefully and don’t forget to factor in your flooring and worktop options in your paler colour scheme.

Identify your space

Every kitchen, whatever the size, has wasted space. In order to make the most of the area that you do have you need to make sure that you use this space. Blank walls can quickly become space for a shelf where you could store canisters instead of your worktops; perhaps you have a small area in the corner at the end of a worktop? There are ways in which you can use this as well. A good kitchen designer will be able to help you maximise the space you have by helping you to work out the best way to use these awkward spaces.

Kitchen Islands

If you have a large kitchen with plenty of space in the middle of the room then bespoke kitchen islands are a great way to use this space and can really be a design feature in your kitchen. They are a great way to add extra storage to your kitchen. Depending on the size of your kitchen it might also be possible to add an island to a kitchen that is on the smaller size – they can make good breakfast bars which can give an extra dimension to a smaller kitchen.

Tidy up

Have you ever noticed how much more space you appear to have in your kitchen when you declutter your work surfaces? Keeping your kitchen tidy and making us of the cupboards rather than your worktops can be a great way to make the best of the space in your kitchen, and if you don’t have enough space in your cupboards for everything you do have then take a long hard look at your crockery and pots. It may be that you have more than you really need to declutter.

Drawers not cupboards

Cupboards can often have a lot of wasted space in them, pans, for example, can be difficult to stack, and getting to the back of a cupboard can often mean taking things out from the front to get to the item you need at the back. Drawers, however, can be an excellent way of saving space in your kitchen. They can also make it very easy to put things away and keep the place tidy; you can use all the space without the need to stack things up. Of course, drawers are not a practical option for any units that are not at floor level, but they can be a great alternative to low-level cupboards. If you haven’t considered drawers for some of your larger kitchen bits and pieces, then now is a good time to do so.

Taking into account the above will give you a few options to make your small kitchen a little gem.


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