Mother of Bride Dressing Guide for the Winter Wedding

Mother of Bride Dressing Guide for the Winter Wedding

Weddings mostly happen in the weather when it is neither too warm or nor too cold but it depends on the bride and groom when they want their wedding o to happen because maybe that season or date is special to you and there is no way of anyone in that regard. SO being a guest to the wedding you just have to come up with a dress. As a mother of bride you have to dress up nice for your daughter’s bride and if she decides to have a wedding in winter then you have to manage your dressing style according to that and here is how you can do it.


As far as the mother of the bride dresses are concerned you need to buy a dress that can keep you warm as well as make you look fashionable and beautiful and for that reason, you need either the help of your own daughter or the professional help. You can also see some of the catalogues for that purpose. Choosing a dress in winter is quite easy because since the event will probably be indoor you can select a gown made of velvet and even silk will do fine but you probably will need a cape or a wrap. Being a plus size woman you can easily find some plus size mother of the bride dresses. If it is a casual affair you can also choose a cardigan. If you don’t want to carry something else you can choose a dress with full sleeves.


You need to tie up your hair with a gown in a bun. If you have short hair you can also choose to leave them open but with a cape or wrap you will really need to tie up your hair so that upper part doesn’t feel too crowded with hair and other items. This way you will be also able to show off your beautiful neck.


You can choose beautiful pumps either with a heel or not because that depends on where the wedding is going to take place. You can also choose the shoes that will cover more of your feet that pumps normally do. Keeping them warm should be your priority but choose something that will also look beautiful


Keeping a clutch to store your items will be great and you can also choose jewellery that will sparkle so that it complements your gown. If you are not wearing any cardigan choose a full necklace that can make your neck look beautiful but if you are wearing a cardigan choose light jewellery. If it is a black tie event then you can choose some sparkling fancy jewellery otherwise try to keep it simple.

So this is how you can dress as the mother of the bride at a winter wedding. Make sure whatever you choose is appropriate to your age and your daughter agrees with it because her opinion matters a lot.

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