Nsa 5 Reasons to Love Neon Signs

Neon signs have the ability to add something completely unique to a room, whether it’s your home or place of work. They are already seen across many bars and restaurants in city centres, and have now filtered into retail spaces, corporate events and people’s living rooms. They make a great feature in any room and have quickly become a popular interior design trend.

Whether you’re redecorating your home, or want to update your office, neon signs have become a guaranteed way to modernise a space. So, if you’re looking for a solution to upgrade the interiors of your home or workplace, here are 5 reasons why a neon sign is a great idea.

Make it personal

Neon signs can be custom made into almost anything you want; within reason, of course! This means you have the chance to add something to your home or workplace that is personal to your family, business or an individual. So, whether you want to adorn your living room wall with your family name, or have your company slogan at reception, you can with a neon sign.

Your new neon sign can be made to your specification and size, so that it’s perfectly matched to the vision you have.


One of the best selling points of a neon sign is that it is another form of artwork. Neon signs are a modern way of displaying some great creations on your walls; neon has even been used by many contemporary artists in their exhibitions. Choosing to display a neon sign on your wall, no matter what room, can illustrate an eye for unique pieces of artwork.

You could even choose to have neon layered over your favourite picture to combine different mediums for a unique finish.

Bright colours

One of the best features of a neon sign is the pop of colour and brightness it brings. While the colour red is often most associated with neon, the industry has evolved to bring you a whole rainbow of colour options. From bright white to purple, green or yellow, neon signs add an incredible vibrant element to any room.

You can choose to match your neon sign to the room’s colour scheme, or go for something completely different to make a statement.

Transform the room

It’s simple; a neon sign completely transforms any room it sits in. Mounted on the wall, or displayed on top of a cabinet, neon signs make a statement and become the focal point of a room.

From the modern design to the bright colours, it’s certainly a talking point. From the kitchen in your home to the manager’s office at work, you can use neon to tell a story.

Easy to maintain

It’s important to handle your neon sign with care, as they are made using glass tubes, but they are very easy to look after. Keep it clean to ensure it doesn’t lose its sparkle; just make sure you unplug it first!

Neon is non-toxic and unreactive, so you don’t need to worry about it being dangerous. Just be sure to put them out of reach of little hands, and in a place where they won’t pose a fire hazard.

Neon signs usually come encased in acrylic to protect the glass tubes, and are no more dangerous than your typical household light. If it does smash, power to your sign will be immediately cut off. However, you should still treat your sign with respect and precaution!


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