Which one is better: Responsive Web Design or Mobile App?

Deciding between the format for their mobile and smartphone-based products is a big dilemma for developers. Build a mobile app or stick with responsive web design?

Each option has its own advantages and isn’t indeed better than other, depending on your business needs.

Responsive Web Design – A solution to high-end Device adaptability

Responsive is the favorite buzzword in web designs. Responsive Website Design is a single website that adapts to any screen size and presents your web page looks good on all devices like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Responsive web design is not any program or javascript. It only makes use of HTML and CSS media queries to hide, shrink, resize, expand or move the content according to screen size. With the importance of mobile-friendly sites only increasing, you should ensure your web design the best it can be.

Some Basic Principles of Pure Mobile Website:

  • Accessed through browsing
  • Static & navigational user interface
  • Requires connection
  • Somewhat limited Features

Ref: CEM4 Mobile Analytics Company

Mobile App – A Simple Approach to Business Recognition

With blasting demand of smartphones, iOS and Android App Development  is growing more and more influential medium of software creation.

Mobile Apps are lightweight applications which help to the aware audience about your brand or business. Companies can use a mobile app to enhance the level of seamless interactivity with their customers. It can act as a valuable tool for modern businesses. In this modern era, if your brand doesn’t have a mobile app, it implies you are lagging back from your competitors. If you have then eventually, it will make your clients satisfied and enhance your business growth.

Some Basic Principles of Pure Mobile App:

  • Accessed after being installed
  • Interactive User Interface
  • Available offline
  • Can make use of phone features like location services, camera, etc.

Ref: A breakdown of which platform users prefer for different tasks.

A comparison chart to distinguish between Responsive Web Design Vs. Mobile App?

Feature Responsive Mobile Website Mobile App
Development Cost Economical than designing a mobile app from scratch Expensive and doesn’t suit everyone’s budget
Speed Fast Very Fast
App Store Not necessary Available
Approval Process None Sometimes Mandatory
User Access Via browser with little to no user configuration After installation and some user configurations
User Experience UX is centered on a website which has been optimized for separate mobile devices. UX is centered on mobile phones only which is enhanced moreover by applying HTML5.
Navigation Top to bottom by default Carousel approach for navigation
Performance Drops in performance while server transfers massive media files Reliable and contoured performance most of the time
Implementation Time Longer development time needed With all the features known, it is a speedy process
Adaptive to mobiles device Good Best
Maintenance Less maintenance cost needed Moderate maintenance cost needed
Marketing and SEO Only one marketing strategy is required Entirely different marketing strategy is needed to promote your mobile app


So, What’s right for you?

Not one answer works for everyone. If resources allow it, some suggest building both to capitalize on both platforms and audiences for improved results. To decide which one is right for you, it’s essential to evaluate your specific goals & prepare a roadmap, consider all of the criteria above and determine which most closely aligns with your intended audience. You can also Hire Android App Developer to get great result-oriented solutions for your brand.

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