Problems People Face When Taking The Train

Are you planning on going away on a trip but are in a fix about which mode of travel to use – plane or train? You are not alone. There are many who share the same dilemma when making a decision about this aspect. For many, the budget is a major issue with flying but the problems they face when traveling by train leave them undecided and jittery about making the right call.

Let us understand some of these issues.


The coaches are not exactly a sterling example of cleanliness. They are poorly maintained and are cleaned only sporadically. Some new trains, like Shatabdi and Rajdhani, are cleaned and maintained well, but they are an exception to the rule. Matters are worsened by the care toilets get, which is next to nothing. And to top all that is the missing civic sense of the passengers who spit at will along with spilling garbage all around.

Not just these, even the linen that’s provided to travelers onboard the train is filthy. Most bed-sheets, blankets, etc. are stained, and if you are traveling by an AC train where you have no alternative at hand, you have no choice but to use them.


Just like most of the country, our trains are unsafe too. It is pretty common to hear of thefts happening on Indian trains along with cases of molestation. The problem is exacerbated by the behavior of the railway staff that appears to be in cahoots with the thieves. The police are not much help either. It is better to be safe on your own and take full care of all your belongings. That way, you can be sure of the security aspects of your luggage.

Pantry services

While it is true that most Indian trains offer pantry services and are serviced by vendors and hawkers that ply their wares, the food situation is not too appetizing. Travel Food Services is the light at the end of the tunnel for most Indian travelers. The need for hot and tasty food while traveling has given rise to a new industry – the ecatering one. Many companies have sprung up that specialize in providing the meals of choice to discerning travelers. All one has to do is search for a good company online and make a choice from the displayed menus. The deal is sealed when the payment is made. Then all that the traveler is supposed to do is relax and wait for their piping hot and tasty meal to arrive.

Change is the only constant in this world, and the Indian railway industry is changing too, albeit slowly. While as of now, it seems rife with various issues but the scene is not as deplorable as it was before.

Take a chance on Indian Railways and go for the train instead of a plane when you plan your trip. You may find it a welcome change from the usual.

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