Real Reasons Why Usage of Self Storage Unit is on a Constant Rise

Self Storage Unit

Gone are the days when storage facility meant a shabby garage looking space with a door and a manual lock for your storage purpose. With the revamping of the storage industry, the modern designs and security promises have rebuilt trust among the consumers. Modern Storage facilities like storage units Tampa provides a state-of-the-art security with an impressive architectural property.

Let us straight away get to the analysis part, why this industry is on a constant rise;


In the modern society, people’s need of collecting many items has increased. With the invention of so many appliances and gadgets, every house gets too overloaded and messy. The apartments where we live are becoming smaller and our collectibles are becoming higher, hence the need to rent a self-storage unit.

Revamped Facility:

Let us all agree to this, the modern-day storage facility looks like a piece of art. Beautiful architecture, amazing services. It definitely draws you towards renting out a unit.

Increased Trust:

The courteous staff and so many extra services and facilities with ease of access increase our trust towards the facility.  This makes us comfortable in renting out a unit.

Extra Security:

The security system used in most of the facilities is top-notch. Even such security systems are not available in our home. Hence the feeling of safety of our belongings drives us to rent the self-storage unit.

Alternate to Garage Storage:

In earlier days we used to see our parents store extra items in boxes and dump it in the loft of the garage. During rainy days when the roof leaked, one or two boxes used to catch mold and the items within destroyed. Well, we youngsters are much smarter than that. This generation feels it is a much better option to store the belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Competitive Rents:

With the construction of so many storage units, the competition has increased which has led to great deals and bargains. With so many different budget options available, literally, anyone can afford to rent a self-storage unit.

Storage Units Closer to Home

With the rise of the Self-Storage industry, there are ample numbers of unit you will find in your area. Better, you might find a storage facility next to your place. Hence people find it way easier to access the storage units when needed thereby they are more comfortable renting the storage unit.

Cheaper than other Infrastructure Buildings

Self-storage unit is also being used as an office space. Companies find it easy to store office stuff in these storage units, freeing up space in their workplace, thus cutting cost by not renting extra office space which might get really expensive.

Cheaper than Renovation

Buying a real estate in itself is expensive then over time, the need for expansion or buying a new bigger house to meet the increased space demand becomes a much more expensive affair. An easier alternative is to rent out a self-storage unit which will free up your home adding more space. This is a much cheaper and flexible option.

Unpredictable Weather

Many areas throughout North America notice unpredictable weather patterns at any moment. Such weather conditions can do irreparable damage to the property. People find it much safer in such areas to store their valuable items in a safe climate-controlled storage unit.

Good Service & Feedback

Most self-storage units provide great service and staffs are courteous. The great experience that the consumers have leads them to return back. Also, the good word of mouth also attracts new customers.


The increase in flexibility, safety, quality, accessibility and affordable rates has resulted in the tremendous rise in the usage of self-storage units.

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