Salman Khan is the Favorite child of Controversy- Here’s Why we Say so

Salman Khan is the favorite child of his father Salim Khan but the most controversial ones. Sometimes his deeds and most of the times his statements have created a row which didn’t go well with the industry as well as his fans.

Despite everything, Salman Khan also known as Bhai has a huge fan following and there is no one in India who has not been charmed by his charismatic aura. People have been crazy for seeing, meeting and contact Salman Khan as there is no part of the day when Galaxy Apartment compound is not flooded with Bhai’s fandom. But let’s take a look how this star has rose to his fame, thanks to controversies. Check out Salman’s top 10 interesting squabbles that made him all the more popular-

1) It was 2014 when his film Jai Ho was about to released and he went up to meet then Cheif Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi in the Kite Festival. He drew flak due to the Modi’s alleged role in Gujarat riot which killed people from Muslim community. Reports even suggested that few Muslim groups have decided to boycott the movie.

2) Salman Khan was slammed for performing at Akhilesh Yadav’s Saifai Mahotsav at the time when several children died in the relief camps in Muzaffarnagar due to lack of proper rehabilitation facilities.

3) Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss for many years but the seventh season proved troublesome for him as he was accused of being partial with the contestants and taking side of Bollywood Actress, Tanisha Mukherji.

4) During an interview with Pakistani Channel, Bhai went on record to say that Mumbai Attacks on 26/11 were over hyped because the elite was targeted.

5) Salman and Shahrukh Khan were engaged in cold war as they reportedly fought with each other at Katrina’s birthday party and since then both of them are on no talking mode.

6) Various fatwas have been issued against Khan for celebrating Ganesh Puja

7) Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi had a tiff due to Khan’s rumoured ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai. Oberoi also held a press conference to defame Khan.

8) Khan has always been obsessed with his girlfriends which turned into violence and harassment. Something similar has been reported by former Ms World, Aishwarya Rai who was also his ex-girlfriend.

9)Salman Bhai has also been involved in Hit and Run case which killed one and injured three people sleeping on the footpath as the car ran into the bakery.

10)The very famous Black Buck Case has now been shut in which he was allegedly involved in hunting the endangered Chinkara and blackbuck deer along with his co-stars during the shooting of Hum Sath Sath Hain.

If you would like to contact Salman Khan or want to send him a personalised message, you can reach out to him through his official fan page and twitter account where he is always keen on replying to his fans.

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