Senior Living Options for Elderly Parents

Seniors might want to shift to senior housingdue to a specific medical condition or if they desire to have a different lifestyle. Regardless of the reason for which they want to move, it is important to identify your needs well beforehand. It will enable to assess the type of senior living haven that will suit their needs the best. However, before you settle for a senior living option for your parents, it is essential that you are familiar with the different options you can choose from.

Explore senior housing options

Check out these options below-

  1. Village-In this arrangement the local businesses along with the members of the neighborhoodcontinue staying in their own homes and help each other as they grow older. It is best for elderly individuals that prefer to keep living in their own homes and expect to get treated in the same manner as they would have after retirement. Here the primary role is played by younger individuals that are a part of groups or the neighbors. The cost is not high.

  1. Independent Living or IL–This is a type of senior livingoption in which seniors that comprise retirement communities, individuals living at retirement homes, houses, and apartments live. It is ideal for your parents if they do not want to worry about performing their daily chores (like housekeeping and cooking) but at the same time wants to remain active.

  1. Aging in Place –It means you can keep your elderly parents with you and they can continue living with their family members. This is ideal if your parents are still active and independent and can avail the care and attention by staying at home. You can always avail the services of in-home caregivers that can facilitate ADLs or Activities of daily living. You can make the place suitable for your parents by installing bathtub railings or wheelchair ramp, or by installing an emergency alert system.

  1. Assisted living – If you think that your parents are capable of living independently but might require assistance from time to time, assisted living is perhaps your best bet. The services you can avail in this kind of arrangement include transportation, bathing, the assistance of staff round the clock, dressing, and housekeeping. In the majority of the cases where you find assisted living, a common dining area and separate areas for recreational activities are present too.
  2. SNF or Skilled Nursing Facility –This is best suited for older individuals that require round the clock assistance for almost all activities like food, support, and health. If you have a parent who is suffering from any mental illness and cannot take care of himself or herself you can always opt for this facility. You can avail dementia care facilities, assistance if you have Alzheimer’s disease, any therapy, and so on.

There are 3 things you must keep in mind while settling for the right senior housing option for your parents, namely, your financial stability, prevailing health conditions, and current lifestyle, which you should not compromise. These are the factors that will help you to zero in on the right option for your parents.

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