Shumee Toys- More Than a Child’s Play

All children from their toddler age are beloved of toys. For kids, toys are more than just fun and games and have their own space in a kid’s life. Many toys provide some educational benefits for children. Children learn many things by just playing as toys engage child’s senses, imagination and encourage their interaction power. Thus, playing is an integral part of children’s life. Toys have been childhood companions of children. Paediatric psychologists say that children express themselves through their toys. Toys also help to social skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, and accomplishment. Doctors use toys as a part of their therapy. Stacking games also help them to learn sorting by size. Motor skills are developed in them.

Why choose Shumee toys over traditional toys?

Toy is an investment in child’s emotional well-being, mental and physical development. However, parents should be choosy when picking up toys for their children as all toys are not created alike. One should be aware of the toys made up of low quality plastic as they provide long term hazards to kids and environment because they emit chemical content. The toys available in market contain phthalates, PVC, bisphenol-A those are harmful for little ones. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) every year approximately 33 tons of plastic toys are thrown as a garbage in landfills. Thus, more batteries are thrown in trash.

Shumee toys aims in bringing back joy of playing with more engaging toys. are crafted with natural and safe materials which possess long shelf lives. They empower children’s mental ability, creativity and imagination. Children become social as Shumee toys are designed with deliberation to enhance each child’s natural ability.

Materials used Shumee toys

  • Only eco-friendly clothes and woods are used in making of Shumee toys.
  • Non-toxic materials are used. No toxins and dangerous chemicals are used.
  • No plastic and lead are used in composition. Thus, they are chewable free for children.
  • As Shumee toys are made by local artisans, that’s why they are far better than the traditional toys found in India.
  • They last long as they are made up of natural dyes.
  • A proper quality check is done starting from design phase, during choosing materials and paints and finally checking done after manufacturing.

Various categories of Shumee toys

Shumee toys comprises of 5 types of toys for the continuation of growth of children. They are-

  1. Pretend and play.
  2. Dancing with music
  3. Puzzles
  4. Explore and learn
  5. On the move

Shumee toys’ availability in India

Shumee toys in India are also very easy to buy as they can be ordered by anyone through online. They are shipped immediately and delivered within 2-3 days of order placement. The details of consignment can be tracked after ordering. And the return process if not liked is also hassle free.

To conclude as a parent the question which is in front of you is a Shumee toy or a plastic one. In case of plastic toys, they are much more popular than the wooden toys and a lot has got to do with the easy availability of it in the first place. The major advantage which you can figure out with a Shumee toy is that it is durable and going to serve you for a considerable amount of time.

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