Simple Tips For Protecting A Kid’s Health And Keeping Them Safe

A mother’s contribution in a kid’s life is unexplainable. Even before the kid is born, to-be-mothers start planning all the activities which they want to do to nourish him/her. A kid’s health is of prime importance. Until and unless a kid is born with some disability which cannot get cured, a mother should make every attempt to protect her kid from illness. Usually getting ill is not in our hands. But there are some everyday things which may lead to disease if they are not taken care of. A kid’s health is affected most due to food, water, air, etc.

A mother should take proper care of the following points and ensure that they get implemented without fail. It helps to protect your kid from illness and provides excellent health.  The proverb “prevention is better than cure” creates magic here.

  • Ensure that the house is neat and clean. You have to maintain certain measures of hygiene regularly. The floor of the house must be cleaned and mopped every day. See that the environment especially where the kid is playing is dust free.

  • Avoid sending your kids to play in extreme climates like hot and cold because both are bad for the kid.

  • Always give boiled and cooled water to your kid

  • Avoid giving them junk food. Make it a practice that you provide them with a home-cooked meal most often. Try out various dishes to create interest for children to eat. If possible, make a timetable of food to be given to your kid and paste it in your kitchen.  It will remind you what you have arranged for the next day, and you can make the necessary arrangements.

  • Practice giving them good volumes of nutritious food and include different fruits and vegetables in their meal. Until and unless they are allergic to certain foods, you can give a kid all fruits and vegetables. By consuming fruits and vegetables, a kid gets all the required nutrients.

  • Check the availability of the fruit or vegetable before planning a kid’s meal. If the scheduled fruit or vegetable is available, feed the kid with a different fruit with the same equal nutrients. But ensure that the kids intake the fruit every day.

  • Try to change fruits or vegetables. For instance, when Vitamin ‘C’ has to be consumed, one day consider giving the child orange, the other day give him sweet lime instead of an orange and so one. By doing this, you not only teach your kid to consume various foods but also create interest and teach him/her to try out all variety of foods.

  • Try to teach your kid about eating and sleeping at the right time. A habit taught at an early age will become their regular routine, and this will make them lead their life in discipline.

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