Smartest Safety Tips To Adopt During Drilling Operations

Concrete is extensively used in building a variety of structures from small constructions like patios, walkways, etc., to the larger ones like bridges, dams, buildings, and, others. Such projects raise the need for cutting the concrete which is not an easy job. During the concrete cutting, the professionals make the use of heavy tools and pieces of equipment.

Also, they stick to many safety precautions as cutting the concrete is a dangerous task. These precautions prevent the accidents and injuries and protect the professional who is handling the equipment and also the people around. These measures make sure that the work is executed efficiently.

Have a look at these safety measures that are listed below.

  1. Stay Away From The Injuries

Whether it concrete or any other substance, it is necessary to stay calm and careful while working with the drilling machine.

  • Do Not Forget The Gloves

The drilling machines always produce vibrations of some sort. Some of these tools produce high-intensity vibrations while some produce low-intensity vibrations like diamond drillers. In both these cases, it is essential for the workers to protect their hands from burning as the tools can get very hot. Gloves will be useful in such a case. With gloves, changing the drill bits will be easier.

  • Cover Your Face Well

You do not want any foreign object in your eyes while working with the drilling machine. So, wear the protective goggles for the safety of your eyes. It does not matter what kind of building material you are cutting like concrete, metal, plastic, etc., it is necessary to use a face shield no matter what. Also, the fluids and oils in these tools become very hot. Therefore, it will be very dangerous if these fluids get spilled on your skin accidentally.

  • Wear Appropriate Clothes

The worker must wear a thick jacket and short clothes. He should not wear long clothes as it can get entangled in the machine. It will eventually cause serious accidents. It is also advised to avoid wearing accessories. If you have a long hair, tie it well. Use of hair net in such situations is a common practice.

  1. Inspect The Drilling Tool

Now, check the drilling equipment thoroughly. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Inspect The Power Cord

The first thing that you must check if you are planning to drill the concrete is power cord of the machine. Check for the undamaged plug or broken wire. If everything is good with the power cord, you can proceed with the work.

  • Do Not Use The Damaged Equipment

Examine the drilling tool. Check the working condition of the machine. If you see any missing parts, do not use it. Also, fix the damaged parts of the machine for the completion of the work.

Make sure that the vacuum seal is not broken. Also, keep the machine clean. Dirt and grease can adversely affect the performance of the machine.

  • Pay Attention To The Drill Bits

There are some measures to practice while using the diamond drill bits. Most of the machines come with the advanced safety features. Inspect the size and condition of the drill bits. If you think that the drill bits are not compatible with the machine, replace it with the new ones.

The experts advise to not touch the drill bits when the cord is plugged in. It is a dangerous practice. Also, when you stop drilling, use a safety latch.

There are many things to keep in mind while working with the drilling machines. It is better to take the help of the professionals of the reliable companies that make sure to complete the drilling operation without any trouble. To get the services of such drilling, cutting and sawing companies like CA Drillers, browse the internet and get the cost-effective services.

If you are doing it on your own, make sure to stick to these precautionary measures. These tips will help the beginners as well as the experienced ones to stay safe during the drilling job. In addition to these tips and tricks, do not ignore the manual that comes with the drilling tools. Read it thoroughly as it will be of great help in case you face problems with it.

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