Some of the Modest clothing items that the Muslim people wear to look classy and trendy

Islamic modest wear

In India, each state has different types of clothing items. The wearing of clothes totally depends on the religion and culture of the person. For example, Hindus wear Dhoti-kurta and on the other hand, Muslim wear long dresses such as Kaftans.

Here in this article, we will discuss the Modest clothing items used by the Muslim people to look classy and trendy. Some of the clothing items that are worn by people of Muslim culture are mentioned below with a brief description:


  1. Kaftans: These are long-coat like dresses used by the men and women to keep themselves warm. These are clothing items that are worn by people from the times of the Mughal Empire i.e., from the rule of Akbar. Kaftans are usually made from animals’ skin and have a robe attached in the centre that helps the people to tie it in the proper place.


  1. Abayas: These are the clothing items used by the women of Muslim culture. These are the long max like dresses that help the women to cover themselves fully from top to the bottom. These are again the dresses that help the women to keep their bodies warm from the cold weather. Abayas are stitched from synthetic cloth and therefore, are embroidered from the neck and hands.

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  1. Bisht: These are the men coat-like dresses that are made from animals’ skin. These dresses help the men to keep themselves warm from the harsh cold environment. These are the dresses that are usually worn by the men living in the snowy areas. Bisht is usually worn at the time of going to marriages or parties. These are again the oldest form of dresses used by the Muslim culture.


  1. Burqa: These are the dresses that help women to keep themselves safe and secured. These are the dresses that cover the women fully from the top to the bottom. The burqa is usually black, blue and mustard in colour. A burqa is attached with a Niqab that further helps the women to cover their faces also. These face veils make easy for women to see through it because it has a cut out in the centre.


  1. Shalwar kameez: These are the dresses worn by both the men and women of the Muslim culture. The designing of both men and women Shalwar Kameez id different. Shalwar is the bottom wear (these are the clothing items that helps to cover the legs) whereas Kameez is the upper wear.


  1. Serwal: These are the loose white coloured pants worn by the Muslim people. these are the dresses that are usually worn by people at the time of going mosque. This area the clothing items that can be worn with a pair of loose fitted T-shirt or shirt.


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Therefore, these above mentioned are the modest dresses worn by the people of Muslim culture to look classy and trendy.

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